First AppearanceSonic the Comic #10

Megatox is a character which appears in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

The Megatox creature was originally a scientist that worked with Dr. Robotnik on the development of the Mega Mack chemical. However, there was an accident in the area he was working in and it became flooded with the chemical. Instead of dieing though, his body somehow combined with that of the Mega Mack, giving him the liquid body he has today.

Sonic first comes across Megatox whilst in the Chemical Plant Zone conducting a rescue attempt as he lead a group of animals out of the factory to safety. Whilst they were escaping they came across a large pool of Mega Mack, where Megatox was currently residing in. Megatox attempted to kill Sonic by poisoning and drowning him, but was unsuccessful despite his liquid body meaning when Sonic attacked he could just reform himself. Eventually Sonic dug a tunnel and funnelled the Mega Mack, along with Megatox, out of it at great speed, causing Megatox's body to spread across the countryside into many pieces.

Megatox wasn't seen again until issue #115.

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