Metal Sonic (Boss)

Metal Sonic (Boss)
Metal Sonic racing against Sonic in the Stardust Speedway
Features inSonic the Hedgehog CD
LevelStardust Speedway Zone
Previous BossRocket Mobile
Next BossFinal Fever

Metal Sonic features as a boss several times in the series.

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Metal Sonic features as the the sixth boss of Sonic the Hedgehog CD and is found at the end of act 3 of the Stardust Speedway Zone.

This boss is actually a race against Metal Sonic across the Stardust Speedway, whilst being chased by Dr. Robotnik who flies behind them, aiming a laser down at the ground so that if Sonic gets too far behind, he will be killed with the laser. As Sonic and Metal Sonic race, dodging the various traps in their path, Metal Sonic has two attacks, a high speed boost which the machine also uses to blast right into Sonic, Metal Sonic uses this attack when he is lagging behind Sonic. Metal Sonic's other attack is electrifying itself, meaning it moves slower, but is still dangerous to run into, which he uses when he is in the lead during the race. Sonic must reach the end of the level before Metal Sonic in order to avoid being trapped between the wall, which falls after one character passes the finish line, and Dr. Robotnik's laser.

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