Metallic Madness Zone

Metallic Madness Zone
Metallic Madness, in the present
Features inSonic the Hedgehog CD
Level TypeIndustrial
LocationLittle Planet
Preceded byStardust Speedway Zone
Proceeded byNone, final zone

The Metallic Madness Zone is the seventh and final zone in Sonic the Hedgehog CD and is a large industrial city where Dr. Robotnik has completely taken over even in the present. Nothing natural remains and the entire city is coated in metal and covered in traps. There are also tubes interlinking the different areas together. In Act 2 Sonic must pass through a shrinking laser to shrink to half his size in order to pass through a narrow passageway.

In the past, it appears that Dr. Robotnik arrived to take over this zone first, as even in the past the signs of his influence are showing and signs of construction is ongoing with scaffolds seen throughout the zone. In the bad future, obviously Dr. Robotnik's influence has extended to the point that the zone is heavily polluted. Some of the areas even seem to be starting to decay. In the good future however the zone has been completely cleaned up and turned into a beautiful city. Plant life has been returned to the area and the city has been decorated with fountains and sculptures.

At the end of the 3rd act, Sonic faces Dr. Robotnik in Final Fever.

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