First AppearanceSonic the Comic 030

Metamorphia was a recurring villain in Sonic the Comic. She was named after her ability to transform - or metamorphose - into any form she chose. In early stories, she regularly completely changed her appearance, but in her battles with Shortfuse she opted more for larger versions of her normal look, augmented with various weapons.

Metamorphia was obsessed with Dr. Robotnik, with posters of him all over her sleeping quarters. She went on several missions for him. Eventually, Metamorphia was dispatched on a mission to fight Shortfuse and Tekno. She did, but allowed the bomb Tekno had planted to explode. Metamorphia returned to Dr. Robotnik anticipating him being overjoyed, but his mood quickly changed when she let slip that she had let his factory be destroyed. Robotnik removed her shapeshifting abilities and ordered that she be turned into a Badnik, as she would "serve [him] better" as one of them. Shortfuse arrived before she could be processed, and promptly destroyed Robotnik's lab. Metamorphia commented that she could have stopped him had she retained her powers. Robotnik was not amused.

Metamorphia's final encounter with the Freedom Fighters was a battle with Tails above a factory. At the time she was a badnik, and Tails tricked her into felling a chimney on herself, breaking her armour. Greyed, aged and hating her former hero, Metamorphia tearfully vowed not to work for Robotnik again. As she left, however, she transformed again, this time into a sprightly bear. She was unable to explain this transformation, but left Tails in her new form.

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