Miles "Tails" Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower
First AppearanceSonic the Hedgehog 2

Tails, real name Miles Prower, is a two tailed fox and best friend and sidekick to Sonic. He was the 2nd new hero to be added to the series.


[edit] History

Tails was originally designed by Yasushi Yamaguchi as part of an internal competition to design Sonic a sidekick. Yamaguchi was the one who named him Miles, but Sega wanted to rename him Tails, thus the compromise was made that Tails would be his nickname, and Miles would be his real name.

Alongside the rest of the cast, Tails was later given a slight redesign at the release of Sonic Adventure.

[edit] Abilities

Tails is best known for his ability to fly by spinning his two tails like a helicopter rotor blade. He can also fly and carry people at the same time and swim underwater. He is also a skilled mechanic and pilot of the Tornado biplane.

[edit] Appearances

Tails appears in the following games, generally in a supporting role, but he does have 3 titles of his own; Tails Adventure, Tails' Skypatrol and Tails and the Music Maker.

[edit] Appearances in other Media

Tails appears in all the Sonic related comics and animated series, with the exception of Sonic Underground.

[edit] Animation

Tails appears in the following animations:

Tails appears alongside Sonic in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, only in this series he is younger than in the games, claiming to be 4 and a half years old. He is an orphan who originally believed that he was a bird due to the fact that he could fly.

In the SatAM cartoon, Tails is given more of a supporting role, appearing as another of the many refugees at Knothole Village. During the second season however he starts to feature more often and begins training with Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters. Ben Hurst, the series' producer, commented that if the series hadn't have been cancelled, Tails would have featured in the 3rd season as a full member of the freedom fighters.

Like all the other characters, Tails in Sonic X is portrayed just as he is in the games. He falls in love with Cosmo, a plant-like creature introduced in the last season of the series.

[edit] Comics

Tails features in the following comic series:

In the Archie comic series, Tails is the son of Rosemary and Amadeus Prower but was separated from his parents by Dr. Robotnik and lived with Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters and refugees at Knothole Village. Later in the series, Sonic and Tails fall out after Tails' parents are returned and Tails, staying loyal to his father, goes against Sonic who is staying loyal to the House of Acorn when the two houses go against each other. Tensions at this point between the two were already strained due to Sonic dating Tails' crush, Fiona Fox. However, the pair manage to repair their friendship.

In Sonic the Comic Tails was a main member of the freedom fighting team and often followed Sonic on his adventures, although in comparison to other portrayals, Tails was shown to have a somewhat unsure of himself. He did grow stronger and more confident as time went on. Later in the comics run, Tails was given his own comic strips where it was shown that he originally came from the Nameless Zone, a zone which can only be reached through a portal. Prior to this, Tails sent letters home to his family telling them how well he was doing and twisting the truth to make out that he was the hero and Sonic was his assistant. This landed Tails in a bit of trouble when the kings of the Nameless Zone often called on Tails to help them when faced with attacks and various other problems, expecting him to be able to deal with them effortlessly. Even when Tails tried to explain the truth, he wasn't believed and was thought of as just trying to be modest.

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