Miles "Tails" Prower (Movie)

Miles "Tails" Prower
Voice Actor(s)Hekiru Shiina (Japanese)
Lainie Frasier (English)

This is Tails as he appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.

At the start of the movie Tails is relaxing with Sonic on the beach by Sonic's house. They are visited by Old Man Owl who has a message for them that the President wants to see them right away. After Sonic and Tails arrive at the presidential building they realise that Dr. Robotnik has taken the president and his daughter, Sara, hostage and lured them there. He explains that Metal Robotnik, a large robot, has overtaken Robotropolis in the Land of Darkness and that as a result the Robot Generator is running dangerously unstable. After a little persuasion, Robotnik, Tails and the others manage to convince Sonic to go and deal with the problem as, if the generator becomes so unstable it explodes, it will destroy the Land of the Sky. Robotnik gives Tails a small device so that they can navigate the fastest route to the city

Sonic and Tails head to the Land of Darkness and soon run into Metal Robotnik who attempts to stop them entering Robotropolis. Just when it seems like Metal Robotnik might have them beaten Knuckles arrives to help them and turns the tide of the battle in their favour. With Metal Robotnik defeated the three of them proceed into the city to switch off the Robot Generator.

Whilst the generator is powering down the machine immobilises Sonic and copies all of his data. Moments later, Metal Robotnik appears again but is too damaged to remain standing so crumbles to pieces, revealing that Dr. Robotnik and Sara were inside of it all along. The story about Metal Robotnik was just a ruse by Robotnik to lure Sonic and copy his data so that it could be transferred to Robotnik's new creation; Hyper Metal Sonic. Sonic and the robot fight whilst Tails and Knuckles are left behind, but Tails has an idea and brings Knuckles back with him to Sonic's house where he begins working on reprogramming the small device Robotnik gave him earlier so it can be used to track Hyper Metal Sonic.

Soon enough they pick up Hyper Metal Sonic's location and head over there once they realise Hyper Metal Sonic is trying to destroy the Land of the Sky by breaking vital, points in the lava flows under the glaciers. Dr. Robotnik and Sara are also there where they mostly watch on the side lines whilst Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic fight it out. Tails attempts to help by overloading the robot's circuits with Sonic's personality using the little device but the effect is short lived as Robotnik destroys the machine soon after. The small effort seems to have an effect though as Hyper Metal Sonic saves the President and Old Man Owl from their ship which crashed moments earlier, and then refuses aid as the robot is then engulfed in lava. With the planet saves, Tails leaves the scene, chasing after Sonic and Knuckles.

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