Mirage Road

Mirage Road
Mirage Road.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Rush
Level TypeDesert
Boss(es)Egg Scarab
Preceded bySonic: Water Palace
Blaze: Leaf Storm
Proceeded bySonic: Night Carnival
Blaze: Water Palace

Mirage Road is the third zone for both Sonic and Blaze in Sonic Rush. This zone is of an Egyptian theme and it takes place at a desert.

[edit] Gameplay

Mirage Road has Sonic and Blaze proceeding into a maze-like desert. There will be rooms, in which Sonic and Blaze are trapped. The only way to escape these type of rooms is to defeat the amount of enemies as the game indicates.

The second Act also has rooms, where both characters must defeat enemies to progress. There are also platforms that will be moving along a track. While Sonic and Blaze are on the platforms, they must avoid the falling boulders, as well as take out the robots that may land on the platform.

The boss of this zone is the Egg Scarab.

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