Various monitors in Hidden Palace Zone.
In the Sonic universe, monitors give Sonic powerups. Monitors can be broken from directly above or from the sides, whilst the player is either jumping or rolling. They cannot be broken from below.


[edit] Monitors Common To Sonic Games

  • 1-Up - This gives Sonic an extra "chance" (life). In Sonic 2's multiplayer game, Sonic and Tails have their own monitors which give the specific character an extra life, regardless of who broke it.
  • Eggman - Hurts or kills the player. This is the only monitor to do so.
  • Speed Sneakers - Doubles Sonic's speed.
  • Super Ring - Sometimes called 10-ring, this monitor gives the player 10 rings.
  • Invincibility - Sonic is surrounded by stars which protect him from almost any danger (except crushing or falling into a bottomless pit).

[edit] Shields

In Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, there are only standard blue shields, which prevent Sonic from losing his rings. Introduced in Sonic 3 however, were elemental shields. Sonic can use these shields as an extra power (as can Mighty in Sonic Megamix). Sonic 3 shields also reflect projectiles.

  • Aqua Barrier - Gives Sonic the ability to breathe underwater. It also means he can bounce on the floor. This is the only shield that can be used underwater, as the others disappear upon contact.
  • Flame Barrier - Protects Sonic from flames, such as Robotnik's jet exhaust. Sonic can also propel himself forward in a blaze of fire.
  • Thunder Barrier - Protects Sonic from electric damage, and also attracts nearby rings. Sonic can also perform a double jump with this shield.

[edit] Monitors Which Don't Appear

There are a few monitors which do not appear in normal gameplay, in all Sonic games.

[edit] Sonic 1

  • S Monitor - The functionality of this monitor is unknown, unlike its counterpart in Sonic 3.
  • Goggles - Seen as a preamble to the Aqua Barrier, this would enable Sonic to breathe underwater. The monitor can be broken, but it does not have any effect on Sonic.

[edit] Sonic 2

  • Teleport - This box only appears in the multiplayer game. When broken, Sonic and Tails simply swap places. When the box is found in one player mode, it teleports Sonic to the beginning of the level.

[edit] Sonic 3

  • S Monitor - Breaking this monitor turns Sonic into Super Sonic, and grants Sonic an extra 50 rings. This monitor does not appear in normal gameplay, only in Debug Mode.

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