Muttski (SatAM)

SpeciesDog (Now roboticised)
First AppearanceHeads or Tails

Muttski is Sonic's pet dog in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. He used to live with Sonic and Uncle Chuck.

Sometime prior to the start of the series Muttski, along with Uncle Chuck, was captured and roboticised by Dr. Robotnik and turned into the robot dog he is now. During the episode Heads or Tails Sonic and Tails had gone to Robotropolis to search for cotter pins when they ran into Muttski whilst he was patrolling, but due to his roboticisation Muttski attacked them both. Sonic managed to duck out of the way of Muttski's bites and scolded him for misbehaving. During that moment when Sonic told Muttski to sit and stay he temporarily broke his programming and regained his friendly personality. Sonic asked Muttski if he had seen Uncle Chuck recently, but Muttski just shook his head. Moments later, the reprogramming took over again.

Muttski, with Sonic and Uncle Chuck, before being roboticised
Sonic vowed to find a way to reverse the effects of Muttski's roboticisation and save him, along with Uncle Chuck, but the series ended before this ambition could be realised and Muttski only appeared in during the Heads or Tails episode. Sonic keeps a photo of him, along with himself and Uncle Chuck, and claims to have sent Muttski to 4 years of obedience school.

Muttski also appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics series.

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