Nameless Zone

Nameless Zone
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #16

The Nameless Zone is a zone which exists only in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

The zone is believed by most of the residents of Planet Mobius to exist only in legend, although in actuality it does exist. The Zone is unique in that it exists in an alternate dimension from the rest of Mobius and can only be accessed via a special portal.

[edit] History

The zone is inhabited mostly by foxes and is ruled over by the Enchanter Kings, who are also the only ones capable of creating the portal between the zone and the rest of Mobius. The zone is also Tails' original home and his family still live there, Tails continues to write letters home to them, exaggerating his successes on Mobius which later winds Tails up in trouble when the Enchanter Kings regularly call on Tails for help with problems facing the Nameless Zone.

Towards the edge of the zone is the Dimension Bridge, over which is the Land Beyond, a desolate land inhabited by various monsters and ruled by Trogg, who frequently makes attempts to invade the Nameless Zone. Because of this threat, the Nameless Zone has an army of warrior foxes to defend against the attacks, the most skilled in the army being Errol Blackthorn.

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