Old Man Owl

Old Man Owl
Voice Actor(s)Chafurin (Japanese)
Charles Campbell (English)

Old Man Owl is a minor character who appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. He has poor eyesight and is shown as somewhat bumbling.

Old Man Owl appears near the start of the movie when he travels to visit Sonic and Tails and inform them that the President wants to see them right away. However on his way there his plane catches fire, which he doesn't notice until it is pointed out to him by Tails. With Sonic and Tails' combined efforts he is able to arrive safely and deliver the message. The pair leave to visit the President whilst Old Man Owl stays at Sonic's house to keep an eye on things.

Whilst Sonic and Tails are away, Old Man Owl makes himself at home, but is later on visited by Hyper Metal Sonic, whom he mistakes for Sonic. The robot trashes the place, but also makes the Owl put on his favourite clothes, which, later on when Tails and Knuckles arrive, help them realise that whilst Hyper Metal Sonic also has Sonic's skills, he also has his thoughts and memories aswell.

Later on, Old Man Owl accompanies the President to the glaciers where Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic are fighting. However, the ship crashes and in the process the door becomes stuck, meaning they cannot leave the ship which is now also on fire. Before the ship explodes, Hyper Metal Sonic rescues the pair of them, saving their lives.

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