Perfect Dark Gaia

Perfect Dark Gaia
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Appearance(s)Sonic Unleashed

Perfect Dark Gaia is Dark Gaia's true form after fully regaining all of it's power and is the final boss of Sonic Unleashed. Super Sonic is the playable character used to take on the creature, while Gaia Colossus assists him.


[edit] Plot

After Sonic and Gaia Colossus defeated Dark Gaia, the creature begins to transform now that he fully regained his power, in order to become Perfect Dark Gaia. This creature's appearance is similar to its previous form, but now it has multiple eyes and six hands and arms. Sonic uses the 7 Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and he along with Gaia Colossus proceed towards Perfect Dark Gaia one final time.

[edit] Boss Battle

This is the third and final phase of the entire Dark Gaia battle in the game. The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions plays out completely different from the Wii and Playstation 2 versions.

[edit] Playstation 3 / Xbox 360

Super Sonic vs Perfect Dark Gaia

The player controls Super Sonic in this boss fight, although he and Gaia Colossus both have a health bar. Perfect Dark Gaia puts up a large barrier around itself, which is not penetrable.

That battle begins with Sonic and Chip(in Gaia Colossus form) advancing towards Perfect Dark Gaia. While moving towards the creature, you must avoid the meteors as well as the purple energy blasts. Also, you must make sure to gather enough rings to fill up Super Sonic's health bar, as when you reach the creature, you won't be able to obtain rings for the remainder of the boss fight.

Super Sonic about to rescue Gaia Colossus

When they reach the barrier, Gaia Colossus decides to head through the barrier and distract Perfect Dark Gaia, while Super Sonic attempts to destroy the source of the barrier. With Super Sonic, you must fly around the barrier and destroy the multiple sources. The sources are his tentacles which can extend outside of the field. To destroy them, Super Sonic must simply boost into all of the tentacles repeatedly. While you are attacking, Perfect Dark Gaia will attempt to toss large meteors and fire laser beams to damage you. Lastly, you have a limited amount of time to destoy the tentacles, as Gaia Colossus' health is draining while he's dealing with the creature. If Super Sonic or Gaia Colossus' health drain completely, you must repeat the battle.

Super Sonic flying into Perfect Dark Gaia's arms

Once all of the tentacles are destroyed, the barrier will disappear completely. Suddenly, Perfect Dark Gaia will grab Gaia Colossus' with his six arms and prepare a laser to finish him off. Super Sonic must rush around Perfect Dark Gaia's body and remove all six arms by ramming into them, each from a QTE(Quick Time Events). Pressing the correct button and the flying hedgehog will run into an arm. Pressing the wrong button any time during the QTE, will force you to do all of the six QTE's over again. Afterwards, Gaia Colossus will be free, but Perfect Dark Gaia will still launch a laser towards him. Using Gaia Colossus, you must do one final QTE by pressing the button displayed 60 times, in order to negate the attack. If successful, Gaia Colossus will land one final punch and Super Sonic will pierce through Perfect Dark Gaia's main eye, defeating it.

[edit] Wii / Playstation 2

Perfect Dark Gaia Wii/PS2 version

In this version of the Perfect Dark Gaia battle, you only use Super Sonic and you battle the creature up close. The objective is to obtain rings scattered throughout the arena and use the Super Sonic Boost, with the cost of 10 rings, to damage the creature's seven eyes. Your ring count drains over the course of the battle and if it reaches zero rings, you'll lose a life.

Perfect Dark Gaia's main attack is its claws. You can tell where the claws will swipe at you, as indicated by a glowing line that briefly appears before Perfect Dark Gaia attacks. When you get the opportunity to use the Super Sonic Boost to attack its eyes, you must carefully avoid the meteors coming your way, as you boost into it. Halfway through the battle, he will occasionally launch large purple balls, in which you must attack it at the correct moment to send it back to the creature. Failing to do so, will cause you to lose rings, but if successful, the attack will stun him momentarily. Attack all 7 eyes to defeat Perfect Dark Gaia.

Defeating the boss in both versions will clear the entire game.

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