Pirate Storm

Pirate Storm
Pirate Storm.png
Appearance(s)Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level TypeWater/Ship
Preceded byLevitated Ruins
Proceeded bySkeleton Dome

Pirate Storm is the fifth stage of Sonic and the Secret Rings. This stage has Sonic progressing through many abandoned ships out in the stormy weather at the sea.


[edit] Plot

Sonic and Shahra heads to the Pirate Storm where they are set on locating the Water Blue Ring.

After completing some of the miissions in this stage, the boss, Captain Behemoth will make its appearance. Defeating the creature will earn Sonic the World Ring of the Pirate Storm, which he must utilize to defeat the Ifrit back at Evil Foundry.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Go for the Goal

  • Follow the pirates.

Sonic must make it across the many ships and wreckage without falling into the water. Throughout the stage are many cannonballs that the enemies launch towards you, which must be avoided.

At some point, Sonic will jump into a cannon that will launch him on top of a missile, which he will temporarily ride to another ship, where he will continue onwards.

Near the end of the stage, Sonic must ride on a small platform across the water. You will notice white rings, which if touched, will give the platform more speed. This is required to make it over the huge waves that approaches. If you don't hit enough of the white rings, you will not have enough speed to make it over the waves and you will die.

The goal is a short distance after the wave section.

[edit] Head to Head

  • Beat Uhu to the Goal

The stage starts off similar to the previous mission but the layout changes shortly afterwards. The stage itself is very short as well. There are situations where you must use the Homing Attack on a barrel that's floating on the water. The barrel will recede into the water periodically, therefore you must carefully time the Homing Attack. Near the end, there are spinning blades that move very fast, so you must go through them using the Time Break ability. As with previous stages, Sonic must simply reach the goal before Uhu.

[edit] Collect Rings

  • Collect 100 rings.

This stage is very brief as well. Sonic begins at the section where he rides the missile onto the ships. There are switches that makes rings appear, which Sonic can easily grab. There are many enemies and spiked balls that you must avoid. Grab 100 rings to clear the stage.

[edit] No Pearls

  • Don't get any pearls.

The stage begins in the cave area and in this mission, pearls are scattered throughout, making it difficult for Sonic to avoid. You must carefully reach the goal without touching a pearl, otherwise you will fail and must restart the mission.

[edit] Rampage

  • Defeat 20 enemies.

This is a stage that loops, therefore if you fail to defeat 20 enemies, they will respawn when you approach the area again. There's a section where you must jump over a pit while avoiding the spinning blades, which are moving extremely quick, requiring the use of Time Break. Besides that obstacle, the stage is very straightforward.

[edit] Hands Off

  • Finish with 0 rings.

As with previous 'Hand Off' missions, you must reach the goal with zero rings. With this stage, after you get passed a certain point, you'll notice rings scattered throughout the stages and no obstacles or enemies. Therefore, you must avoid the rings at this point otherwise you will fail once you reach the goal, since there's nothing to harm you.

[edit] Beat the Clock

  • Finish Within 100 seconds.

In this stage you will encounter gates that must be lowered from hitting the switches. They lower themselves very slowly, therefore the best way to get through this stage quickly, is if you have the ability Splash Jump. Also while running, the pirate ship will constantly launch cannons toward you, which musy be avoided.

[edit] Chain of Rings

  • Get a 100 ring combo.

There are many rings allowing you to easily chain 100 rings, but you must avoid the fire that results from the cannonballs exploding once they touch the ground. Taking damage will stop the chain. The stage loops, therefore it will end once you successfully chain 100 rings.

[edit] Diehard Challenge

  • Don't get defeated.

With this stage, you must cross bodies of water use some of the narrow platforms. You must also use the barrels by Homing Attacking them, sending you to the next area. There are also numerous spiked balls scattered throughout the stages and cannonballs that are constantly launched towards you. The goal isn't too far away, due to the short length of the stage.

[edit] Stealth Attack

  • Don't defeat enemies.

As with previous stages, you have to avoid contact with the enemies. There are many cases where you must carefully time the Homing Attack to go over the enemy. Also, there are barrels you must carefully Home Attack on, but only when the enemy disappears, otherwise Sonic will automatically target the enemy and you will fail the mission. Besides that, simply avoid the obstacles and you'll reach the goal.

[edit] Collect Rings

  • Collect 10 rings.

In this stage, the only way to make a ring appear, is to hit the red switches. Each switch you hit will cause one ring to appear, although it will disappear if you don't grab it in time. Simply grab 10 rings by hitting the switches to clear the mission.

[edit] Perfect Challenge

  • Don't take damage.

As with previous 'Don't Take Damage' missions, there are numerous obstacles that get in your way. You must once again cross the bodies of water using the narrow platforms. The final section of this mission is filled with many spiked balls. The Goal will appear shortly after.

[edit] Defeat the Boss

  • Battle Captain Bemoth.
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