Planet Wisp

Planet Wisp
Planet Wisp.jpg
Appearance(s)Sonic Colors
Sonic Generations
Level TypeIndustrial
Boss(es)Refreshinator (Wii Version)
Drillinator (DS Version)
Preceded bySweet Mountain, or Starlight Carnival(depending on player's choice)
Proceeded byAquarium Park, Asteroid Coaster or Terminal Velocity(depending on player's choice)

Planet Wisp is one of the latter stages in Sonic Colors that is first unlocked after finishing both the Sweet Mountain and Starlight Carnival. This stage is the homeland of the Wisps. Eggman decides to use the planet to construct his Interstellar Amusement Park. Throughout the stage's acts, Sonic will be traversing through mostly a construction site filled with Eggman's enemies. The Wisp introduced in this stage is the Pink Wisp, granting Sonic the Spike ability.


[edit] Wii Version

[edit] Act 1

Planet Wisp Act 1

The Act starts out with Sonic moving in a field a grass. Shortly after, the scenery will change to an industrial site. Eggman is using the land to construct his theme park. As he enters one of the main structures, the Act will transition to 2D, where he must make his way through Eggman's robots and the poisonous water below. There are many paths he can take throughout the stage by utilizing the two Wisps, such as the Orange Wisp, and the newly introduced Pink Wisp, which allows Sonic to turn into a pink spiked ball, giving him the ability to stick to any surface, as well as the Spin Dash ability. Near the end, the Act will transition back to 3D, where Sonic must go through a section that requires him to use the Quick Step in order to reach another path, although if he fails, he simply takes the lower path. The goal ring is located deep within the industrial site.

[edit] Act 2

Planet Wisp Act 2

This Act is entirely in 2D and has a large emphasis on platforming. It's also fairly short. Sonic starts out in Eggman's main structure and must make his way through by carefully traversing his way across the moving platforms. Sonic must avoid Eggman's robots, as well as enemies that launch spike balls towards him. The Purple Wisp, which must be unlocked first, can plow through the enemies and black blocks, to quickly reach a switch that will allow Sonic to progress and reach the goal ring nearby.

[edit] Act 3

Planet Wisp Act 3

This is another short Act. Sonic starts out already in another one of the main structures, as with the previous Act. He will enter a section where he must use the Quick Step to avoid the two Aero Chasers, as well as remain on the top path. If he falls, he simply takes the lower path, where he will have to drift as well as defeat some enemies. If you remain on the top path, you can possibly grab the Cyan Wisp, which will allow you to use the laser ability to skip the lower path. Either path you take, they both will lead to the section where you have to use the Blue Wisp to progress. Sonic must be careful, as he must use the blocks to quickly progress or they will disappear and Sonic will fall into a bottomless pit. The goal ring is nearby.

[edit] Act 4

Planet Wisp Act 4

This is another fairly short Act. It begins with Sonic running through a tunnel, before reaching an area where Sonic must drift. Afterwards, the stage shifts into 2D, where Sonic must climb to the top of a large tower that's currently being constructed by Eggman. Sonic must defeat the enemies and make his way through moving and collapsing platforms. There are areas where you can use the Cyan or Orange Wisp to reach hidden locations, in order to grab Red Rings. The goal ring appears near the top of the tower.

[edit] Act 5

Planet Wisp Act 5

This is the shortest Act of Planet Wisp and is entirely in 2D. As with previous Acts, Sonic already starts off already inside one of Eggman's main structures. Sonic must defeat the enemies and progress by using the yellow blocks. Sonic has to be quick, for if the enemy shoot the yellow blocks, they will temporarily disappear, possibly leading Sonic into a bottomless Pit. There will be a section where Sonic can use the Purple Wisp, if unlocked, to plow through many yellow blocks that appear at the very end. The goal ring will appear shortly after.

[edit] Act 6

Planet Wisp Act 6

This Act starts off with Sonic grinding through the industrial site. While he's grinding, Sonic must switch rails in order to avoid the spikes. Afterwards the Act will switch to 2D where Sonic must get through by using the moving platforms, held over a bottomless pit. Sonic can also use the Green Wisp to easily hover his way across the bottomless pit. Afterwards, he will grind another rail, leading him to the final area. Sonic must use the platforms to make his way to the top, where the generator is located. There are a few switches that will allow you to access the Green Wisp to hover to the top. Also in this area is the Pink Wisp, which you can use to stick to the wall and travel upward. The goal ring appears at the very top.

[edit] Boss Battle


The boss of Planet Wisp in the Wii version is Refreshinator. It resembles and plays out similarly to the Wii version of Tropical Resort's boss, Rotatatron. It's a long armed robot that has a hold of the Ferris Wheel, which the battle itself takes place on. Sonic has to simply use the platforms scattered throughout the area to jump and hit the robot's weak point, which is its eye. Attack it three times to defeat it, although Sonic can use the Pink Wisp to cause double damage.

[edit] DS Version

[edit] Act 1

This Act has Sonic progressing through the industrial site, using the grind rails, bumpers, trampolines, and steam pipes. This Act introduces the Yellow Wisp, allowing Sonic to drill underground, which also holds obstacles that the blue hedgehog must avoid. There are many areas throughout the Act which requires the use of the Yellow Wisp. The Orange Wisp is also included in this Act, allowing Sonic to reach higher areas.

[edit] Act 2

This Act plays out similarly to Act 1, but consists of much more obstacles that Sonic must make his way through. At the very end of the Act, while underground, Sonic will be chased by a large machine and must use the Yellow Drill to escape from it.

[edit] Boss Battle


The boss in the DS Version of Planet Wisp is the Drillinator, which plays out similarly to the DS version of Tropical Resort's boss, Globotron. It's a construction robot that has long arms that are in the shape of a drill. When it eventually lands on the ground, Sonic must boost into the robot, which will then release a Yellow Wisp. Following that, Sonic must dig underground and strike the robot from below.

[edit] Sonic Generations

Planet Wisp is the final stage in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations. Act 1 is played as Classic Sonic, while Act 2 is played as Modern Sonic.

[edit] Classic Sonic

Planet Wisp Classic Sonic

This stage is entirely in 2D. Sonic starts off in a grassy field similar to the original Planet Wisp stage. He must avoid the spikes and carefully cross the moving platforms. Shortly after, Sonic will reach the industrial site. In here, Sonic must avoid Eggman's robots and other traps, such as collapsing floors, flames, buzz saws, and Eggman springs. Throughout the stage, Sonic is required to use the Pink Spike Wisp to progress. This Wisp functions similarly to its original in Sonic Colors. The Wisp is heavily used in order to break the pink boxes, as well as moving the gears, which will open the paths needed to move on. After getting through the industrial site, Sonic will exit out into the grass field, where the Goal Post is located.

[edit] Modern Sonic

Planet Wisp Modern Sonic

Modern Sonic's version of Planet Wisp alternate between 2D and 3D. A good amount of this stage resembles portions from the original Planet Wisp from Sonic Colors, such as Act 1 and 3's Quick Step section and Act 4's tower climb. After Sonic enters the industrial site, he will be forced to use the Orange Rocket Wisp to progress. It functions similarly to its original in Sonic Colors with the extra ability to charge the Rocket before lifting off. Sonic mainly has to use the Wisp to destroy the unbreakable blocks to reach new heights of the structure. There are also sections where Sonic must use the moving platforms, which he can control, to reach different areas of the structure. Near the end, there are cases where Sonic must quickly use the Orange Wisp at the right spot, otherwise the ceiling will come down and crush him. At the very top, lies the Goal Ring.

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