Prof. Gerald Robotnik

Professor Gerald Robotnik
Gerald and Maria
FamilyDr. Eggman (Grandson)
Maria Robotnik (Granddaughter)
First AppearanceSonic Adventure 2


[edit] History

Gerald Robotnik was first mentioned in Sonic Adventure 2 as Dr. Eggman's grandfather. Eggman explains right before the first mission how Gerald was the creator of several projects aboard the ARK, primarily involving the Ultimate Lifeform, Biolizard was his original attempt at creating such a being, and years later into this project he found the Gizoid, which he studied while creating the final Ultimate Life, Shadow. Gerald Robotnik got put in prison for experimenting with dangerous items, but he left a message for his grandchildren. It was viewed before the Final Mission began.

He also had knowledge of the Echidnas, as he has great knowledge of the Chaos and Master Emerald. In fact, he even knew how to turn the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds, and managed to create an artificial way of doing so by creating a false version of the Master Emerald Shrine.

Unlike his grandson and his distant decendant, Gerald Robotnik was never evil. It was, in fact, the doctor's dream to use science to benefit mankind, but those overseeing his project demanded that he build weapons of destruction instead. Even though he tried to kill all humanity from beyond the grave, he still wasn't truly evil, just completely and utterly insane, after his granddaughter, Maria, was killed.

[edit] Known Creations

[edit] Appearances in Other Media

[edit] Comics

Gerald Robotnik appears flashbacks during in Sonic the Hedgehog, his story mostly being retold as it was in Sonic Adventure 2.

[edit] Animation

Gerald Robotnik appears flashbacks in Sonic X, his story mostly being retold as it was in Sonic Adventure 2.

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