Radiant Emerald

Radiant Emerald
Appearance(s)Sonic R
Preceded byReactive Factory
Proceeded byNone

This is the fifth and last course in Sonic R and can only be unlocked after finishing in first place in all of the previous courses. The course is a long and winding pathway suspended in a night sky. The pathway itself is transparent which was notable at the time as it was not believed the Sega Saturn had this capability. The course was often compared to the Rainbow Road seen in Mario Kart 64 which was released in the same year and, at the time, Sonic and Mario were often seen as mascot rivals. However the transparency seen in the Sega Saturn version was not used on later ports of the game.

Unlike the previous courses there are no tokens or emeralds in this course, but finishing in first place will unlock Dr. Robotnik as a playable character. This track also has two songs, the standard song is Diamond in the Sky, but if the player is playing as Super Sonic the song will change to Super Sonic Racing.

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