Red Mountain

Red Mountain
Red Mountain.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeMountains
Preceded bySonic: Speed Highway
Knuckles: Casinopolis
Gamma: Windy Valley
Proceeded bySonic: Sky Deck
Knuckles: Lost World
Gamma: Hot Shelter

Red Mountain is a stage appearing in Sonic Adventure. This stage is split into two major sections. The first section takes place in the mountains that has many obstacles and bottomless pits. The second section of the stage takes place inside of a lava filled volcano, which also have many enemies and obstacles for the player to avoid. Sonic, Knuckles, and Gamma are the only characters that can access this stage.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Sonic

Sonic must use the Ancient Light Upgrade to use the Light Speed Attack on the enemy that's guarding the entrance. Once defeated, Sonic will be allowed to enter this stage.

This is Sonic's seventh stage and he is the only character who goes through both sections of this stage. In the first section, while progressing through the mountains, Sonic must be careful of the crumbling platforms and other hazards, the main ones being fire and bottomless pits. In the second section, Sonic must get through the inside of a volcano. At some areas, the lava will rise, forcing Sonic to carefully make his way across by using the rocks. There are much more obstacles, such as crumbling platforms, flaming skulls and hammers. At the end, is a rocket that will take you to the goal.

[edit] Knuckles

Knuckles travel to this location after learning that there are more Master Emerald pieces nearby.

This is Knuckles' third stage and he only searches for the Master Emerald pieces in the first section of this stage. Due to Knuckle's climbing and gliding ability, he can easily traverse through the mountains more easily than Sonic.

[edit] Gamma

Gamma learns that one of his robot brothers, E-104 Epsilon was abandoned by Dr. Eggman in this location.

This is Gamma's fourth stage and the robot only progresses through the second section of the stage. Gamma must locate E104 Epsilon inside of the volcano. This area is filled with much more enemies than when playing as Sonic. Once that robot is found, Gamma must battle and destroy it, in order to free the animal inside of it.

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