Route 101

Route 101
Route 101.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeUrban
Preceded byAquatic Mine
Proceeded byHidden Base

Route 101 is the ninth stage of the Hero Story and the third stage played as Tails in Sonic Adventure 2. This stages also sets Tails in an urban area, immediately after Mission Street.

Tails and Amy are talking to Sonic on the phone, in regards to finding Dr. Eggman. Knuckles suddenly appears from the sewers and mentions how much difficulty he's having in regards to his search for the Master Emerald shards. Tails is unable to detect Eggman and concludes that he may be in space with the Chaos Emeralds. Although, he located the transcripts between Eggman and the president in the government's computer, so he decides to chase and get inside of the President's limousine. Tails transform his Cyclone into a kart and takes off.

[edit] Gameplay

Although this stage is played as Tails, it's not a Mech/Shooting stage. Instead Tails, is driving on a highway the entire time, with the goal of catching up to the President's limousine. The highway is split into three sections, where there's a checkpoint in between each section, that extends the time when crossed. Every 15-20 rings you collect, will give you the opportunity to use the Boost, which briefly increases your vehicle's speed. At the end of the highway, Tails will reach the limousine.

There are no upgrades in this stage.

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