Route 280

Route 280
Route 280.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure 2
Level TypeUrban
Preceded byWhite Jungle
Proceeded bySky Rail

Route 280 is the tenth stage of the Dark Story and the fourth stage played as Rouge in Sonic Adventure 2. This stages sets Rouge in an urban area.

Rouge discovers that Tails was rewarded a Chaos Emerald from saving Station Square in the previous game, Sonic Adventure. She decides to pursue him in hopes of stealing the Chaos Emerald.

[edit] Gameplay

This stage, although played as Rouge, doesn't involve Treasure Hunting. Similar to Tails, she's in a vehicle driving on a highway for the entire time. The stage is structured similarly to Route 101, but there are tighter turns, gaps in the road, in which you can fall off, and open parts of the wall. Falling off the stage will send you back to the very beginning. Once you reach the end, you'll catch up with Tails.

There are no upgrades found on this stage.

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