Sand Oasis

Sand Oasis
Sand Oasis.png
Appearance(s)Sonic and the Secret Rings
Level TypeDesert
Preceded byLost Prologue
Proceeded byDinosaur Jungle

Sand Oasis is the first main stage of Sonic and the Secret Rings and the stage is at a desert setting.


[edit] Plot

Sonic and Shahra set out to look for King Shahryar. After playing some of the missions of Sand Oasis, another cutscene begins. They find him inside of a jar. Sonic sees that it's Eggman, but in the Arabian Nights world, Eggman is the king, as stated by Shahra which briefly confused Sonic. Suddenly, the Erazor Djinn appears and carries the king away toward Dinosaur Jungle.

After completing more missions, another cutscene will play, in which Sonic and Shahra encounter and save Ali Baba, played by Tails, which also confuses Sonic. Ali Baba agreed to help whenever he's needed and Sonic and Shahra continue their search for the King.

At the end, Sonic and Shahra will encounter a Sand Scorpion, which is the first boss of the game. After defeating the creature, Sonic will obtain the first World Ring.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Go for the Goal

  • Find King Shahryar.

This stage has Sonic progressing through the entire Sand Oasis. Sonic must avoid the falling pillars as he's running through the desert. He must also cross a body of water by using a chain of Homing Attacks on the enemies. Also, he will be traversing through the insides of the Arabian buildings, where Sonic must avoid other hazards.

[edit] Diehard Challenge

  • Don't get defeated.

This is a short mission. Sonic starts outside of the Arabian Nights building. The majority of this mission takes place inside of the building. Inside, Sonic must avoid many hazards, such as fire pillars, spiked balls, and enemies. At the end, outside of the building, Sonic must be careful going up the hill while avoiding the many spiked balls.

[edit] Head to Head

  • Beat Uhu to the Goal.

Sonic must race Uhu, who's in the form of a Blue Orb to the goal. The race covers about half of the Sand Oasis stage. At this point, you have the Soul Gauge, therefore you can take advantage of the Speed Break to increase your lead.

[edit] No Pearls

  • Don't get any Pearls.

This is also a short mission. Sonic begins near the entrance of the Arabian Nights building, similar to the first Diehard Challenge. Pearls will be scattered throughout the stage and you must reach the goal without grabbing them, otherwise you'll fail the mission and must restart from the beginning.

[edit] Special Challenge

  • Don't break the Jar.

As with previous missions, Sonic only goes through a part of the Sand Oasis. Jars are scattered everywhere and Sonic must avoid breaking them, which can be done by Homing Attack, Jump Dashing, or even running into them. Near the end, you must carefully use the Homing Attack on a set of enemies while avoiding the jars directly underneath them.

[edit] Diehard Challenge

  • Don't get defeated.

This is similar to the first Diehard Challenge, but it's longer, consists of more enemies and obstacles, and you play at a different area of the Sand Oasis.

[edit] Beat the Clock

  • Finish Within 120 seconds.

Sonic must reach the goal within 2 minutes. With this mission, Sonic heads in the reverse direction towards the beginning of the Sand Oasis. If you die while doing the challenge, you'll be sent back to the checkpoint, although the timer will continue to go down.

[edit] Perfect Challenge

  • Don't Take Damage.

Similar to the Beat the Clock Mission, this one also has Sonic running in the reverse direction, towards the beginning of Sand Oasis. There are many more obstacles for Sonic to avoid. If he gets hit by anything, he will fail and must restart the mission from the beginning.

[edit] Special Challenge

  • Break 5 jars.

This mission is one of the few that takes place only indoors. Sonic is running on a linear path and must simply attack the jars that he approaches using the Homing Attack.

[edit] Collect Rings

  • Collect 99 Rings.

Like the Break the jars mission, this one also takes place indoors on the same linear path. There are many rings that appear for Sonic to collect. The Silver Rings are worth 20 rings. Getting hit by obstacles will cause Sonic to lose some of his rings.

[edit] Rampage

  • Defeat 20 Enemies.

As with the previous two missions, this one is also in the same location indoors. Sonic must simply defeat the enemies that he approaches. Some of the enemies will temporarily disappear, so Sonic must carefully time his Homing Attack to strike them. Also, there's one area where Sonic must grind on an invisible rail in order to reach the enemies that are towards the ceiling.

[edit] Chain of Rings

  • Get a 60 Ring Combo.

This mission is also in the same indoor location. Sonic must collect 60 rings in a chain. As he is collecting rings, a meter will remain at the top level. If Sonic doesn't collect a ring before the meter fully drains, the rings won't count as part of the chain and he must start the ring chain over again, until he reaches 60 rings.

[edit] Defeat the Boss

  • Battle the Sand Scorpion.

The Sand Scorpion is the first boss of the game and Sonic is chasing it the entire time. Sonic must avoid the attacks that the scorpion launches such as its tails and missiles. The scorpion has eyes on its tails, which you must strike, using the Homing Attack.

After the creature strike with its tail, it will remain on the ground, giving Sonic the oppotunity to do a chain of Homing Attacks on all of its eyes. Continue striking all of its eyes and it will turn around a reveal one huge eye. The eye will come towards Sonic, who must then, jump and use the Homing Attack on it 3 more times to defeat the Sand Scorpion.

Completing this boss will earn you the first World Ring.

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