SpeciesHuman (Cat-girl)
FamilyThe President (Father)
Voice Actor(s)Mika Kanai (Japanese)
Sascha Biesi (English)

Sara is the daughter of the President and appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. She appears as spoilt and demanding, even in the face of apparent danger and is Sonic's love interest. Despite this though she is willing to use her charms to get other people to do things.

At the start of the movie she, along with her father, are taken hostage by Dr. Robotnik and are used to lure Sonic and Tails and convince them to travel to the Land of Darkness to fight with Metal Robotnik. Once Sonic and Tails leave, Sara demands that Dr. Robotnik plays video games with her but she becomes frustrated after he manages to continuously beat her and demands they go out for a drive. Dr. Robotnik agrees and the pair of them go out, unknowingly to Sara, in the Metal Robotnik.

After Metal Robotnik is defeated by Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, it is revealed that Metal Robotnik was actually piloted by Robotnik and Sara. At this point, Robotnik releases Hyper Metal Sonic and leaves with Sara again whilst Hyper Metal Sonic fights with Sonic and starts to destroy the Land of the Sky. Robotnik then gives Sara a wedding dress, stating that once Hyper Metal Sonic is finished they will be the only people left alive so they should get married. Sara is strongly opposed to the idea but puts on the wedding dress anyway.

Later on, Sara and Robotnik catch up with the others where Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic are fighting at the glaciers. During the fight, Sara is knocked out of the ship, but is caught by Knuckles whom she keeps calling Mr. Mole. Sara stays, mostly, on the sidelines whilst Sonic and Hyper Metal Sonic, but tries to get involved when Hyper Metal Sonic appears to be getting the upper hand by punching and kicking the robot, although it has very little effect. She also later encourages Knuckles to work on redirecting the magma by kissing him.

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