Intro: Sega is a company that produces video games. The company used to manufacture hardware, but discontinued hardware manufacturing after the Dreamcast was discontinued.

Sega was formed in 1940, under the name 'Standard Games'. It was started in Honolulu, Hawaii, contrary to popular belief that the company started in Japan. It later changed it's name to 'Service Games' in 1954, and Service Games was later abbreviated to SeGa, or Sega. The company first provided coin operated arcade machines to military personnel. Periscope was then created in 1965, and became a worldwide hit sensation, but especially in Japan, namely Tokyo.

After Sega's hit arcade titles, such as Hang On and Zaxxon, Sega saw an opportunity in the growing home console market, seeing the Pong machines, and eventually the Atari 2600 VCS and Colecovision doing well, they decided to release the SG-1000 Mark I, SG being an acronym for Sega Game. The SC-3000 was also released as a home computer. It didn't do massivly well, with the Mark I and Mark II, but then the Mark III came, and was a massive instant hit. It was known as the Master System overseas.

The Master System was an 8 bit machine, and was in direct competition with Japan's Famicom, and the rest of the world's Nintendo Entertainment System. It also had 3D glasses as an accessory, but was not the first to use 3D, beaten by MB/GCE's Vectrex 3D Imager by about 3-4 years.

Later, Sega released their Mega Drive / Genesis, in 1989, and it was an even bigger success than the Master System. Sega would also come to release a lot of other add ons for it's Mega Drive, including the Mega CD / Sega CD, and the Sega 32X. They were both not massive successes, but did moderately well. Then Sega released it's Saturn in 1995, which didn't do as well as the Mega Drive, but had it's somewhat fair share of the fifth generation market. Sega would then release their last console, the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast did a lot better than the Saturn, and had Sega's primitive enjoyable games on the system. But it was a bittersweet victory, as the Playstation 2 threw a spanner in the Dreamcast's works, forcing Sega to pull out of the hardware market for good. Sega are now a multi-billion dollar software corporation.

Sega are known for their Sonic the Hedgehog series, first appearing on the Master System. Now, the character is synonymous with Sega, and is the official mascot of the company, much like Mario is for the former Sega arch-rival, Nintendo.

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