Sega Superstars

Sega Superstars
Developer(s)Sonic Team
Platform(s)Playstation 2
Release dates (PS2)JPN November 11th 2004
NA November 2nd 2004
EU October 22nd 2004

Sega Superstars is a collection of mini games featuring Sonic and various other Sega characters, designed specifically for use with the Playstation 2's EyeToy peripheral.

[edit] Games

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - this game has Sonic running down a tunnel, being guided by the players hand to collect rings an Chaos Emeralds in order to gain hi-scores.
  • Samba de Amigo - a rhythm game where the player must hit 6 different targets on the screen as balls roll over them to the beat of the song.
  • ChuChu Rocket! - The player places and removes bridges on the screen in order to guide the ChuChus to the goal, avoiding the KapuKapus.
  • Puyo Pop Fever - The player must use their body to guide the different coloured Puyos that are falling from the top of the screen into the correct pots at the bottom of the screen.
  • Crazy Taxi - The player uses large movements and loud noises to stop the taxi.
  • Super Monkey Ball - The player must guide the monkey ball around obstacles towards the goal.
  • NiGHTS into Dreams - The player guides NiGHTS through rings towards the goal.
  • House of the Dead - The player must hit the zombies as they approach, avoiding civilians.
  • Virtua Striker - The player must head footballs which descend from the top of the screen towards the goals.
  • Virtua Fighter - The player must follow the prompts to defeat the opponent.
  • Space Channel 5 - The player must remember and execute dance moves shown to them by the Morolians.
  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg - The player must guide the Billy towards the goal by rolling over obstacles and collecting fruit.
  • Chao Garden - The game also included a Chao Garden where a Chao can be raised an interacted with like a virtual pet.
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