Sky Chase

Sky Chase
Sky Chase.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeSky

Sky Chase is a sub-stage that appears in Sonic Adventure. There are two acts of this sub-stage, which is played as Sonic and Tails.

[edit] Act 1

In the first act, Sonic and Tails pilot the Tornado and must give chase to Dr. Eggman in his Egg Carrier, after the doctor stole two Chaos Emeralds from them. In The Tornado, you can shoot as many enemies as you can to earn points. You also can shoot the cannons on the Egg Carrier. At the end of the Act, Eggman will fire the laser directly towards the Tornado, causing Sonic and Tails to fall, separating along the way.

[edit] Act 2

The second act plays out very similar to the first act, except that this act takes place in the evening. At the end of the stage, you will reach the front of the Egg Carrier once again, and you must try to shoot the Egg Carrier's cannon to disable it.

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