Sky Deck

Sky Deck
Sky Deck.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeEgg Carrier
Boss(es)Sonic: Gamma
Tails: Gamma
Knuckles: Chaos 6
Preceded bySonic: Red Mountain
Tails: Ice Cap
Knuckles: Lost World
Proceeded bySonic: Lost World
Tails: Speed Highway
Knuckles: None

Sky Deck is a stage appearing in Sonic Adventure. This stage is split into three major sections, each taking place on different parts on the Egg Carrier. The first section is on the carrier's lower area, the second section is on the hangar of the carrier, and the final section is in an open area, in which the carrier starts to tilt. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are the only characters who can access this stage.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Sonic

This is Sonic's eighth stage and he's the only character to go through all three sections. In the first section, Sonic must traverse through narrow hallways and climb many ladders and rails to reach the top of the carrier. There will be a cannon that will destroy parts of the ship, therefore Sonic must be careful or he may fall into a bottomless pit. At the end, he uses a rocket to destroy that cannon and proceed into the second section.

The second section takes place on top of the carrier, where Sonic must avoid the many cannons and airships. There are also crumbling platforms, which will make Sonic fall into the bottomless pit if he doesn't move quickly. At the end, he must use another rocket to destroy another cannon, and proceed to the final section.

In the final section, Sonic must simply make his way to the Animal Cage. With this section, the ship starts to tilt in many directions, forcing Sonic to mostly use the handle bars to proceed to the goal.

[edit] Tails

This is Tails' fourth stage and he only proceeds through the first section. Tails must race Sonic to the goal ring. This section is played out exactly like Sonic's, although he can take shortcuts by flying through the rings, which gives Tails a boost.

[edit] Knuckles

This is Knuckles' final stage and he only proceeds through the final section. Unlike Sonic, Knuckles can actually control the direction that the Egg Carrier tilts. This is required, as some of the Master Emerald pieces can only be accessed by tilting the ship in certain directions.

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