Voice Actor(s)Maurice LaMarche (English)
First AppearanceBeginnings - Origins

Sleet is a re-occuring villain featuring in Sonic Underground.

He, along with his work-partner Dingo, were originally bounty hunters but were forced into Dr. Robotnik's service and made to work for him to aid him in capturing Queen Aleena and her three children.

Of the two of them, Sleet serves as the cunning, intelligent character who usually thinks up all of their plans and orders Dingo around, who serves as the muscle of the pair. Despite being his work partner, Sleet seems to not actually like Dingo very much and is constantly abusing him and insulting his lack of intelligence, or getting Dingo out of the way so that he alone can reap the rewards of their successes in missions.

As well as his intellect, Sleet is shown to also be a capable pilot and carries around a small device which he uses to change Dingo's form into various disguises.

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