First AppearanceSonic the Comic 068

The Snownik was a versatile but fairly brainless Badnik which appeared in Sonic the Comic. It was encountered by Amy in the Ice Cap Zone. Having had her advances rejected by Sonic (who had run off to enjoy the snow with Johnny and Knuckles), Amy accidentally released the snowman-like robot in frustration. The Snownik chased her, attempting various ways of attacking her. The Snownik's moveset incorporated an ability to fire ice jets which it could speed along or release to trip up enemies moving too quickly to hit. It showcased several of these in its battle with Amy.

Seeing the Snownik's fondness for propelling itself at high speed, Amy eventually destroyed the dangerous Snownik by allowing it to go flying off a cliff to its explosive demise. Sonic promptly returned when he realised what had gone on. Although she was unhurt despite the fierce battle with the Snownik, Amy played up to trick Sonic into meeting her under the mistletoe.

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