Sonic Badnik

Sonic Badnik
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #4

Sonic Badnik is a special badnik which exists in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

The badnik was first seen in the fourth issue, Day of the Badniks, and appeared to be especially designed to capture Sonic. It appears in the Emerald Hill Zone, after being instructed by Dr. Robotnik to tear up all the Star Posts in the zone in order to prevent anyone entering the Special Zone. Whilst on this mission, the Sonic Badnik runs into Sonic and Tails and, due to a msitake by Tails that causes him and Sonic to collide, the Sonic Badnik is able to capture Sonic and "install" him within his metal casing. However, either due to a fault in the badnik's design or Sonic's strong will power, Sonic is able to retain his free will and orders Dr. Robotnik to release them all, or he will perform a Spin Attack whilst holding onto his moustache. Dr. Robotnik is forced to agree and the badnik is destroyed.

The design of the badnik is obviously based on Sonic, complete with super speed and the ability to curl into a spiked ball, it can also shoot the spines outwards as an attack. It is also much stronger than a standard badnik as Sonic cannot break it open. Unlike most other badniks, this badnik can operate without the need of an organic battery, however as the badnik also seems programmed to locate an organic battery, it can be assumed that it requires one to either function long term, or perhaps fully power up.

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