Sonic Boom (SatAM episode)

Sonic Boom
SeriesSonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)
Episode No.2
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Sonic Boom is the second episode in the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) animated series.

[edit] Synopsis

The episode begins with Sonic, Antoine and Cat busy in Robotropolis, hiding in an air vent tunnel. Sally, controlling one of Dr. Robotnik's robot walkers, comes over to the tunnel to meet up with the group. She and Sonic head over to one of Dr. Robotnik's new stealth planes in order to sabotage it whilst Antoine and Cat keep watch. Whilst Sally is attempting to sabotage the plane and is accessing the mainframe with NICOLE, she receives a message entitled BEAN. As this was a nickname that her father used to call her when she was younger, she knows this message must be from him and asks NICOLE to find the message origin, which turns out to be the Dark Swamp.

Meanwhile in the tunnel, Antoine accidentally falls out and alerts the robot walkers, meaning Sonic and Sally have to leave without finishing off their mission. Sonic brings Sally back to the tunnel where she, along with Antoine and Cat, flee to escape whilst Sonic diverts the attention of the robots, they all agree to meet at the "usual place" later. Whilst in the tunnels, Cat lets Sally and Antoine go ahead whilst he, unknown to them, draws the robots down another tunnel.

Later at the meeting point Sonic finds Sally and Antoine, but Cat is nowhere to be seen. Sally is determined to find out more about the message from her father so she decides to go with Antoine to the Dark Swamp, whilst Sonic heads back to Robotropolis to find Cat. As much as Sonic doesn't trust Antoine with Sally in the swamp, he agrees as he wants to rescue Cat.

Sally and Antoine wade through the swamp and ask NICOLE if there are any structures in the area which there is; Ironlock Prison. Cat meanwhile is being interrogated by Dr. Robotnik as to the location of Knothole Village, but he refuses to give up any information. Sonic makes his way deep into Robotropolis until he finds the prison cells where Cat is being kept, but Cat tells Sonic to go as Dr. Robotnik has been tracking Sally and Antoine into the swamp. As they are in danger Sonic leaves, promising to come back for Cat later.

After reaching the prison Sally and Antoine head inside, the prison is completely deserted and falling apart. But as they are looking Sally finds a piece of her father's cloak, recognising the design on it. Now that she knows her father was really here she is even more determined to find him. Eventually she and Antoine find her father's old cell, but all that is inside is an old computer. At this point Sonic catches up with them as they attempt to use the computer to see if there was another message. Using the "bean" password they find a message, but the message is incomplete, all it contains is "Bean, check Sub-ter file, impossi-". Sally checks the Sub-ter file and downloads it to NICOLE as it contains a vast collection of subterranean tunnel maps.

Just as they are downloading the maps the floor caves in, the room was evidently booby-trapped, dumping the three of them into a damp tunnel below. Sonic quickly investigates ahead and finds a giant monster which corners the three of them at the end of the tunnel. Using the Power Ring Sonic, with Sally and Antoine, run straight into the mouth of the monster and come out through it's tail, it turns out the monster was actually a robot, which Sonic knew because "the hedgehog always knows". Using the new maps they find their way out of the tunnel system and back to Robotropolis where Sally finishes what they came to do earlier by sabotaging Robotnik's stealth planes. Sonic meanwhile goes to find Cat but finds the cell that he was in earlier is empty. As Dr. Robotnik sees Sonic leaving Robotropolis he sends his new stealth bombers after him.

Sonic, Sally and Antoine meet on the hill and, using one of Dr. Robotnik's spy cameras, beam footage of the stealth bombers back to him. Knowing that something must be wrong, Dr. Robotnik orders Snivley to recall the bombers. But when he does so, they all explode.

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