Sonic the Comic 007

Sonic the Comic
Sonic the Comic issue #7
Issue No.7
Publish Date21st August 1993
Cover ArtistPeter Richardson
Previous IssueIssue 6
Next IssueIssue 8

This is the seventh issue of Sonic the Comic and contains two brand new comic strips, Kid Chameleon and Streets of Rage. It also has the first Sonic strip drawn by Richard Elson, who would become one of the regular artists on the comic.


[edit] Comic Strips

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Sonic

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Richard Elson
  • Lettering: Elitta Fell

Sonic and Tails are on their way to the Oil Ocean Zone where they have been called over by Red, a lion and part of a clean-up crew in the zone, to help them. A fire has been raging across the Oil Ocean Zone for three days and they are having trouble putting it out. Sonic gets right on it, and runs incredibly fast around the base of the fire to create a Sonic-Cyclone, creating a vacuum at the base of the fire and causing it to go out.

Sonic and Tails, with Red in the Oil Ocean Zone
Red then explains their next problem is that all the traps are still active in the zone and causing them problems with their clean up, so he asks Sonic if he can reach the main control room and deactivate the traps. Sonic obviously agrees but before he can get anywhere he is attacked by an Aquis and knocked down one of the oil flow lines and down into the oil pools. As Sonic is surrounded by the oil, the Aquis attacks again, firing into the oil to cause the pool to catch alight and burn up Sonic with it. Red and Tails watch on, thinking that Sonic has died in the fire, until Sonic, or rather Super Sonic, jumps out of the flames. Tails explains that this is something he had only see once before when Sonic absorbed too many rings, and also warns Red they should stay out of Sonic's way as he isn't himself when he's like this.

Super Sonic immediately goes for the Aquis that attacked him earlier, destroying it and the rabbit inside, but then goes for the rabbit as well. Tails and Red attempt to get through to Sonic, reminding him of why they came here and pleading with him, and at the last moment Sonic comes to his senses. He explains that it must have been related to all the ring energy he has absorbed over the years and the stressful situation he was just in that somehow triggered his change. Sonic then goes to deactivate all the traps for Red, boasting it will be done in five minutes.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Kid Chameleon

Kid Chameleon Part 1

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Brain Williamson and Steve White
  • Lettering: Ellie de Ville

The story begins with Casey narrating to the reader about how he has started to play Wild Side, a virtual reality arcade game, and has been stuck in the game for twenty minutes now and cannot find his way out. He thinks back to this morning when his mother interrupts his gaming session and tells Casey to go and introduce himself to the new girl next door. Casey already knows the girl, Suzi, from school and that she likes video games, so heads on to the local arcade where he thinks she'll be.

Casey is able to find Suzi but before he can really talk much to her he is interrupted by Brad, who Casey hates despite Brad being the coolest kid in school, and he goes into the Wild Side game with Suzi, leaving Casey outside. Casey waits for three hours in the arcade playing games, but Suzi and Brad haven't come out. Thinking this is a little strange, Casey goes inside to find them and is attacked by the virtual reality monsters of the game. As he's avoiding the monsters, Casey takes off his sunglasses and, unexpectedly, transforms into a samurai warrior.

[edit] Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage Part 1

  • Script: Mark Millar
  • Art: Peter Richardson
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

The story begins with Axel Stone, a cop, responding to a distress call in an alley, however when he gets there, he is immediately attacked and beaten. He attempts to fight back, but as he is outnumbered he is overwhelmed, and warned by his attackers that "nobody cares what happens to a cop who squeals on his friends." Axel soon realises that his attackers are cops, and he recognises their voices.

Axel is taken to hospital and lucky to be alive, his co-workers and friends, Max and Blaze, have come to visit him and are given a note that was found in Axel's clothes from the attackers, threatening to kill him. After realising that most of the police force are in on this, including the chief, they both quit and start their own investigation themselves. The chief then makes a call to a man named Hawk, warning him that Blaze and Max have quit and are looking into what happened themselves.

[edit] Wonderboy

Wonderboy in Demon World Part 6

  • Script: Mark Eyles
  • Art: M. DJ. Boyann
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

Shion is in the bar, where his own arm, now with a mind of it's own and under demon influence, is attacking him. The demon skin that has spread up his arm has now covered half of his face as well. He leaves the bar and straps down his arm with his belt. He then takes a floating boat down to the bottom of a chasm where the demons have taken the villagers and are turning them into demons. At the bottom, Shion finds Grimomen sitting on his throne.

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