Sonic the Comic 013

Sonic the Comic
Sonic the Comic issue #13
Issue No.13
Publish Date13th November 1993
Cover GiftBelt Clip
Previous IssueIssue 12
Next IssueIssue 14

This is the thirteenth issue of Sonic the Comic and contains the two new strips; Ecco the Dolphin and the return of The Legend of the Golden Axe.


[edit] Comic Strips

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog

Double Trouble

  • Script: Mark Millar
  • Art: Mike Hadley
  • Lettering: Ellie de Ville

In the Emerald Hill Zone Tails is kicking a football around when it gets lost in some bushes. When he goes to retrieve it he finds a TV monitor with Sonic stuck inside, who asks Tails to press a button on the front of the monitor to release him. Tails agrees and Sonic bursts out, but it becomes clear from Sonic's aggressive manner that, despite looking like Sonic, this isn't Sonic at all.

The "Extra Life"
Not too far away some of the Emerald Hill folk are trying to build a hideout to keep them safe from Dr. Robotnik, until the Sonic double runs past and trashes the place, causing destruction and starting fires everywhere. All the animals think that Sonic has gone crazy. Eventually the real Sonic runs into the fake Sonic to try and figure out what is going on, and try and convince the animals that it wasn't really him that caused all this destruction. At first Sally and the others don't believe him, until they see both Sonics at the same time.

As the two Sonics fight, the double explains that he is actually an Extra Life, created by Dr. Kintobor before he transformed into Dr. Robotnik. Just when it looks like Sonic might be beaten by his double, Tails shows up with the original monitor and pushes the button on the front again to pull the double back into it's box. Tails hands the box over to Sonic who then kicks the box into outer space.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin, Part 1

  • Script and Lettering: Woodrow Phoenix
  • Art: Chris Webster

Ecco is searching the oceans for his lost pod after they were sucked up into the air by a giant spiral of wind and water. So far he hasn't found any trace of them but as he is exploring he is attacked by a group of sharks. Ecco attempts to fight the sharks and is eventually aided by an orca who manages to frighten them off. The orca then asks for Ecco to follow him as he saw a vision of Ecco in a giant jewel that he found not too far away. Ecco knows that the orca is talking about a Glyph and follows the orca until they reach the Glyph. After using his sonar on the Glyph it tells Ecco that it will send him into the past in order to help him find the answers Ecco needs. The Glyph then sends Ecco back in time.

[edit] The Legend of the Golden Axe

Plague of Serpents, Part 1

  • Script: Mark Eyles
  • Art: Mike White
  • Lettering: Ellie de Ville

Ax-Battler, Tyris and Gilius are on their way to return the Golden Axe to the King of Yuria when they stop at Gilius' old home, a dwarf stronghold called Rockguard. On the way they are attacked by several large snakes and, as they get closer, they find that the stronghold is being overrun by snakes and priests commanding them, lead by the High Priest Cobraxis, who is looking for the Dwarf Queen. Ax and the others join in the fight, and one of the priests attempts to bring Blaze under his control by using a hypnotising snake, but she is able to fight them both off. Ax however is overtaken by the snake, despite chopping off it's head.

Deeper in the stronghold Gilius has gone to the aid of his father who is being attacked by one of the priests, and Tyris is trying to fight off the dwarves that have been overtaken and controlled by the snakes without hurting them too much.

[edit] Decap Attack

Starring Chuck D. Head! Part 4

  • Script and Art: Nigel Kitching
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

Max D. Cap is angry with the Professor for the slow progress on his undead army, but the Professor explains that perhaps if Chuck was here he could clone him an army from Chuck's living tissue. Max then sends two of his minions, Bullguard and Croc, to go and find Chuck who has been wandering the castle for the past 5 days.

Chuck is carrying a bomb around as he is wandering lost in the castle. He runs into Croc and Bullguard, so lights the bomb, but he gets confused and throws Head at them instead, putting the bomb on his head. The bomb then explodes, killing him and leaving Chuck with jut 1 life left.

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