Sonic the Comic 014

Sonic the Comic
Sonic the Comic issue #14
Issue No.14
Publish Date27th November 1993
Cover GiftChristmas Tree Decoration
Previous IssueIssue 13
Next IssueIssue 15

This is the fourteenth issue of Sonic the Comic.


[edit] Comic Strips

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog

Man of the Year

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Brian Williamson
  • Colour: Steve White
  • Lettering: Ellie de Ville

Sonic and Tails are in the Metropolis Zone, with Sonic disguised as Bob Beaky and Tails keeping his twin tails hidden by a long jacket. Tails wonders why they have come as Sonic has been awarded the Hero of the Year Award, which is an obvious trap, especially as the Metropolis Zone is now heavily under Dr. Robotnik's control, but Sonic says he just doesn't want to let his fans down. Once inside the awards hall, Sonic reveals he is there and goes to collect his award, killing time making a speech until the expected trap arrives. From the ceiling a container traps Sonic and fills with Mega Mack. Although Sonic spins around fast enough inside the contained to break out and leave with Tails.

Once back in the Emerald Hill Zone Tails wonders why Sonic is sitting around with the award, so Sonic finally explains that he was sure the Mega Mack trap was too easy to escape from, and the real trap is the award statue itself, which he breaks open to reveal a homing device inside. A group of badniks arrive moments later, expecting to have been lead into Sonic's secret base. It doesn't take long for Sonic and Tails to deal with the group of badniks.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco the Dolphin, Part 2

  • Script and Lettering: Woodrow Phoenix
  • Art: Chris Webster

Ecco arrives in the distant past and soon finds a strange alien device in the water which Ecco recognises as not something that could come from this time. As Ecco gets closer, the device attacks, causing Ecco to find a less direct approach to destroying it, knocking some rocks to cause an avalanche. The rocks destroy the device, but in the process cause it to explode, making Ecco jump out of the water so that he doesn't get caught in it, only to jump right in the path of a swooping pterodactyl.

[edit] The Legend of the Golden Axe

Plague of Serpents, Part 2

  • Script: Mark Eyles
  • Art: Mike White
  • Lettering: Ellie de Ville

Tyris and Gilius are busy fighting the priests and their snakes, managing to fend them off and help save the rest of the dwarves. The dwarves tell them both that two days ago Cobraxis lead the attack which has gone through several other towns before reaching here and also has kidnapped the Queen, Silpantia-Dragontamer whilst she was defending Rockguard. Cobraxis is after the dwarf hoard of enchanted metal which only Silpantia knows the location of. Tyris is injured, so Gilius agrees to go with the Golden Axe and find the Queen himself although, before he can go, he is attacked by another dwarf named Yuki.

[edit] Decap Attack

Starring Chuck D. Head! Part 5

  • Script and Art: Nigel Kitching
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

Head has been brought to the Professor and Igor so that the Professor can clone an army from Head's brain tissue. Chuck meanwhile is down to his last life and is lost further in the castle where Max has gone to find him. Max's accountant is advising Max on how to act as this is the classic moment of good versus evil, Max doesn't really feel that into it, but reluctantly agrees to fight Chuck. The two fight until they burst into the laboratory where the Professor and the others have just created their first clone.

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