Sonic the Comic 021

Sonic the Comic
Sonic the Comic issue #21
Issue No.21
Publish Date18th March 1994
Cover ArtistCarl Flint
Cover GiftFrisbee
Previous IssueIssue 20
Next IssueIssue 22

This is the twenty-first issue of Sonic the Comic and contains the concluding part to the Tails story.


[edit] Comic Strips

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog

Girl Trouble, Part 1

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Richard Elson
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

In the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic (disguised as Bob Beaky) and Johnny are in a larger crowd of animals, watching as some Trooper badniks are knocking down the door of one of the houses, dragging out Amy Rose, who is accused of associating with Sonic. Johnny and Sonic seemed to be aware of Amy who has in the past claimed to be Sonic's girlfriend, but Sonic comes out of his costume and heads towards the Troopers with Johnny to stop them. The Troopers fight back with something called Weapon X, which is like a gun which fires spikes in all directions. The spikes fire straight over Sonic and Johnny, but Sonic has to act fast to catch the stray spikes from hitting any of the Emerald Hill folk, saving a child named Cedric just in time. However, whilst Johnny and Sonic were busy, the Troopers have made their escape back into the Special Zone with Amy as their hostage.

Dr. Robotnik encases himself in a shell
Meanwhile, at Dr. Robotnik's head-quarters in the Special Zone, Dr. Robotnik is ranting at Thomas and Miller who have been trying to convince Dr. Robotnik that he needs to change his image. He throws the pair out, but does think that he could benefit from a change, encasing himself within a giant eggshell.

Back at Sonic's secret underground base Sonic uses the Star Post to transport himself and Johnny into the Special Zone, quickly infiltrating Robotnik's Fortress but just as quickly being captured by the fortress' automated defence system which captures Sonic and Johnny within a large bubble. Grimer and some Trooper badniks go to meet the captured Sonic and Johnny, whilst in Dr. Robotnik's office the egg shell he encased himself within starts to crack.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Eternal Champions

Eternal Champions, Part 3

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Brian Williamson, Bambos Georgiou and John M. Burns
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

The Eternal Champions arrive in the future at an arena for armed combat fighting, taking some of the weapons so that they are able to rescue their friends in the past. Back in the present Nakano is attempting to find out who the Eternal Champions work for and what their goals are by using a mind-scan on them, but the scans reveal nothing. Nakano is frustrated by this and tells his assistant to just turn the power of the scan up to maximum, despite the risks as it could wipe their mind in the process. However Slash manages to escape from the bonds holding them and free the others.

[edit] Shinobi

The Art of War, Part 3

  • Script: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Jon Haward
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

Musashi defends himself against one of the guards and proceeds through the Neo Zeed Building, heading into one of the lift shafts to head down deeper into the building. However, whilst in the lift shaft, he is attacked by ninjas.

[edit] Tails

The Land Beyond

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art Dave Windett and John M. Burns
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

Trogg explains to Tails and Errol that he was infact Shirob and that one night he accidentally made contact with the Evil One, the experience changing him into the creature he is today. But after being defeated by Tails on the Dimension Bridge (during issue #17) Trogg changed himself back into Shirob in order to create the story that he had been kidnapped in order to lure Tails here so he could have his revenge. Trogg then attacks Tails, but before the fight can get very far, the portal appears beside them, allowing Tails and Errol to escape.

Tails and Errol return through the portal
Tails and Errol arrive back in the inner sanctum of the Enchanter Kings where they explain that their magic only allows Tails to stay in the Nameless Zone for so long, and now he is due to go back home. Errol speaks up, making Tails think that he will reveal how he is not really the hero of Mobius, but Errol instead tells them how Tails had saved him. Tails then returns back home to the Emerald Hill Zone.

[edit] Characters

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