Sonic the Hedgehog (16-Bit)

Sonic the Hedgehog
Developer(s)Sonic Team
Platform(s)Mega Drive
Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Wii (Virtual Console)
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Release dates (MD)JPN July 26th 1991
NA June 23rd 1991
EU June 23rd 1991
Release dates (GBA)NA November 14th 2006
Release dates (VC)JPN December 2nd 2006
NA November 19th 2006
EU December 7th 2006
Release dates (XBLA)July 11th 2007 (All regions)
Release dates (PSN)March 29th 2011 (All regions)

This is the first Sonic game to be released not only for the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis system but in the entire series and introduces us to both Sonic and Dr. Robotnik.

Additionally, the game can be locked-on to Sonic & Knuckles to unlock endless Sonic 3 Special Zones.


[edit] Re-releases

The game has subsequently been ported to Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service, Virtual Console for Nintendo Wii and Playstation Network, aswell as included in several compilations or as an unlockable bonus:

[edit] Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis

Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis is a special edition released for the Gameboy Advance in 2006 to mark the 15th Anniversary of the game. The game has been altered to run on the handheld's widescreen display and the optional addition of the Spindash attack from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

[edit] Storyline

Dr. Robotnik, after discovering the power of the Chaos Emeralds, is set on conquering the planet and turning all the animal inhabitants into his robot slaves. So Sonic sets about travelling across the six zones and collecting the emeralds before Robotnik can.

[edit] Information

The game is split into 6 main zones comprising of 3 acts each with a boss at the end of each 3rd act. Upon finishing act 1 or 2 of any zone with 50 rings or more, Sonic has the chance to enter the Special Zone and attempt to collect 1 of the 6 Chaos Emeralds.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Zones

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Badniks

Image Name Location(s)
Ballhog.png Ball Hog Scrap Brain Zone
Batbrain.png Batbrain Marble Zone
Bomb.png Bomb Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain Zone
Burrobot.png Burrobot Labyrinth Zone, Scrap Brain Zone
Buzzbomber.png Buzz Bomber Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone
Caterkiller.png Caterkiller Marble Zone, Scrap Brain Zone
Chopper.png Chopper Green Hill Zone
Crabmeat.png Crabmeat Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone
Jaws.png Jaws Labyrinth Zone
Motobug1.png Moto Bug Green Hill Zone
Newtron.png Newtron Green Hill Zone
Orbinaut.png Orbinaut Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone
Roller.png Roller Spring Yard Zone
Spikes.png Spikes Spring Yard Zone
Splats.png Splats Unused

[edit] Achievements and Trophies

When the game was released for Xbox 360, as with all XBLA games, achievements were given to the game. There are 12 achievements worth 200 Gamerscore. When the game was later released on PSN the achievements were matched to 12 trophies, 1 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze.

XBL GS Title Description PSN Trophy
S1A1.jpg 10 Centurion Collect 100 or more rings. S1T1.png Trophy bronze.png
S1A2.jpg 10 Chaos Emerald Collect 1 Chaos Emerald. S1T2.png Trophy silver.png
S1A3.jpg 5 Clear Green Hill Clear the Green Hill Zone. S1T3.png Trophy bronze.png
S1A4.jpg 10 Fast Green Hill Finish Green Hill Zone act 1 in under 35 seconds. S1T4.png Trophy bronze.png
S1A5.jpg 7 Spring Yard Zone Get to the Spring Yard Zone. S1T5.png Trophy bronze.png
S1A6.jpg 8 Labyrinth Zone Get to the Labyrinth Zone. S1T6.png Trophy bronze.png
S1A7.jpg 5 Star Light Zone Get to the Star Light Zone. S1T7.png Trophy bronze.png
S1A8.jpg 35 Chaos Master Collect all 6 Chaos Emeralds. S1T8.png Trophy silver.png
S1A9.jpg 25 Win Finish the game. S1T9.png Trophy silver.png
S1A10.jpg 15 Fast Marble Finish Marble Zone act 1 in under 80 seconds. S1T10.png Trophy bronze.png
S1A11.jpg 40 Perfect Win Finish the game without dying. S1T11.png Trophy gold.png
S1A12.jpg 30 Fast Win Finish the game in under 40 minutes. S1T12.png Trophy silver.png

[edit] Soundtracks

Music from the game features in the following CD soundtracks:

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