Sonic the Hedgehog (8-Bit)

Sonic the Hedgehog
Platform(s)Master System
Game Gear
Nintendo Wii (Virtual Console)
Release dates (MS)NA October 25th 1991
EU October 25th 1991
Release dates (GG)JPN December 28th 1991
NA December 1991
EU December 1991
Release dates (VC)JPN August 5th 2008
NA August 4th 2008
EU September 19th 2008
Release dates (3DS)TBA

This is the first Sonic game in the series to be released for the SEGA Master System and, shortly afterwards, the Game Gear. The game was later built-in to some editions of the Master System II.


[edit] Re-releases

In 2008 the game was ported for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console, it was also announced in 2013 that the game would be made available for download for the 3DS The game was also included in the following compilations or as an unlockable bonus:

[edit] Information

The game is much like the 16-Bit edition of Sonic the Hedgehog with the same game mechanics. Rather than each zone containing 3 acts, in this edition there are only 2 plus a boss at the end. Additionally there is a Special Zone but, unlike the Mega Drive version, there is no Chaos Emerald to collect, it is purely for collecting rings and extra lives. The Chaos Emeralds are hidden in one of the first two acts of each zone.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Zones

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Badniks

Image Name Location(s)
BallhogMS.png Ball Hog Scrap Brain Zone
BatbrainMS.png Batbrain Unused
BombMS.png Bomb Sky Base Zone
BurrobotMS.png Burrobot Labyrinth Zone
BuzzbomberMS.png Buzz Bomber Green Hill Zone, Bridge Zone
CaterkillerMS.png Caterkiller Scrap Brain Zone
ChopperMS.png Chopper Green Hill Zone, Bridge Zone, Jungle Zone
CrabmeatMS.png Crabmeat Green Hill Zone, Jungle Zone
JawsMS.png Jaws Labyrinth Zone
MotobugMS.png Moto Bug Green Hill Zone
NewtronMS.png Newtron Jungle Zone
OrbinautMS.png Orbinaut Labyrinth Zone, Sky Base Zone
No sprite Roller Unused
SpikesMS.png Spikes Bridge Zone
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