South Island (Sonic the Fighters)

South Island (Sonic the Fighters)
Features inSonic the Fighters
Level TypeGrassland
LocationSouth Island
Preceded byNone, first stage
Proceeded byFlying Carpet

South Island is the first arena found in Sonic the Fighters and is guarded by Knuckles the Echidna. The stage is simply referred to as South Island, which is actually a large island where several of the early Sonic games take place. But judging by the design of the arena it is likely to be one of the zones within the island, such as the Green Hill Zone.

The arena is designed based on many of the familiar elements found in the Green Hill Zone such as the waterfalls, chequered patterns, bright blue skies and lush grass. After defeating Knuckles, the player is rewarded with the red Chaos Emerald.

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