Special Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog CD)

Special Zone
Special Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Features inSonic the Hedgehog CD
Number of Zones7

This is the Special Zone for Sonic the Hedgehog CD which are accessed by finishing either act 1 or 2 of each zone with 50 rings or more on hand, then jumping into the large ring which appears behind the goal post. By successfully completing each Special Zone, Sonic is rewarded with one of the Time Stones.

[edit] Special Zone

This Special Zone is a large area set in the middle of a body of water, filled with traps, springs, fans to boost Sonic into the air, and more areas of water. The objective of the stage is to destroy all of the floating UFO type machines which move around the stage within the time limit. Stepping in the watery areas will take 10 seconds off the timer, and when there is only 20 seconds of time remaining, a new blue coloured UFO will appear which grants the player an additional 30 seconds of time. Destroying this additional UFO only adds time however, it does not count towards the original set of UFOs that need destroying in order to complete the stage.

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