Special Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos)

Special Zone
The first Special Zone in Sonic Chaos
Features inSonic the Hedgehog Chaos
Number of Zones5

This is the Special Zone for Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos and is only accessed when playing as Sonic and by collecting 100 rings during the regular zones. Once 100 rings have been collected Sonic is automatically transported into the Special Zone. At the end of each Special Zone is the Chaos Emerald and after collecting it Sonic is transported to the next act, ending the one he was teleported out from. There are no Special Zones when playing as Tails.

[edit] Special Zone

These Special Zones are unique in that every zone is different in design to the other and are, with the exception of the first stage, large mazes. Sonic must locate the Chaos Emerald before the time limit is over.

[edit] Stages

  • Stage 1 - This stage has Sonic on a pair of rocket boots, flying through the sky through collections of rings, at the end of the sky section is the Chaos Emerald.
  • Stage 2 - This stage has Sonic traversing a long, vertical platforming section to reach the Chaos Emerald at the top.
  • Stage 3 - This stage has Sonic travelling through a long maze of branching tunnel tubes.
  • Stage 4 - This stage has Sonic travelling along a vertical platforming section, similar in design to the hill zones.
  • Stage 5 - This stage is much like the 3rd Special Zone, except with a much larger maze of tunnels.

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