Starlight Carnival

Starlight Carnival
Starlight Carnival.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Colors
Level TypeSpace/Carnival
Boss(es)Frigate Orcan
Preceded byTropical Resort or Sweet Mountain(depending on player's choice)
Proceeded byPlanet Wisp, Aquarium Park, or Asteroid Coaster(depending on player's choice)

Starlight Carnival is a stage in Sonic Colors that is unlocked from completing the Tropical Resort. This stage takes place in space surrounded by a fleet of spaceships with many neon lights. Sonic will be traversing through some of the spaceships in the different Acts. The Wisps introduced in this stage are the Blue Wisp and the Green Wisp, granting the Cube and Hover ability respectively.


[edit] Wii Version

[edit] Act 1

Starlight Carnival Act 1

Sonic starts out by exiting one of the spaceship onto a purple energy path. As he is running on this path, two Aero Chasers will be chasing Sonic, who will have to avoid the lasers they emit by Quick Stepping. Eventually, they will crash into a nearby ship and Sonic will be launched into the air, where he must use his Homing Attack on nearby blocks to prevent him from falling. He will reach another purple energy path that will lead him inside a nearby spaceship.

Inside the spaceship, where the stage shifts to 2D, Sonic will face many of Eggman's robots. Sonic will be introduced to the Blue Wisp, which allows him to turn into a Cube, that slams on the ground, destroying all enemies and certain obstacles on screen. It also turns all Blue Blocks(unbreakable otherwise) into Blue Coins and vice versa, which can open up new paths for Sonic. When you unlock the Pink Wisp later on, you can come back to this stage and take an alternate path through this ship.

Motobugs chasing Sonic

At the end of the ship, Sonic will free fall outside of the ship into space and land on another purple energy path. As he runs along this path, Motobugs will appear and run alongside Sonic, who can defeat them by boosting on Quick Stepping into them. Afterwards, a large spaceship will appear from a portal and Sonic will head inside of it, where the stage shifts to 2D once more. In here, he will go through another group of Eggman's robots and use the Blue Wisp to progress. In the end, he will have to go through a straight path as fast as he can before the ceiling, which is lowering itself, will crush Sonic. After getting past that obstacle, he will exit the ship onto one more purple energy path, which will lead him into free falling onto a third spaceship, holding the Goal Ring.

[edit] Act 2

Starlight Carnival Act 2

This is a short Act that is only played in 2D and takes place inside of the spaceship. The Blue Wisp is required to progress through the level, although the Pink Wisp can also be use to access secret areas to collect normal and Red Rings. Sonic has to utilize the Blue Wisp once more to get rid of the enemies as well as turn the Blue Blocks into rings, allowing you to pass through the otherwise, unreachable area. Sonic also has to avoid the blocks that explode moments after he comes into contact with it. After getting through the obstacles, Sonic will reach the Goal Ring.

[edit] Act 3

Starlight Carnival Act 3

Sonic is traversing outdoors, on top of one of the ships for the entire Act. Also, the entire Act is played in 2D and features no Wisps. The main feature of this Act are the yellow springs. The spring allow Sonic to repeatedly bounce into the air, and the spring moves along with Sonic to the right. The spring will not move to the left at any point in this stage. If Sonic stomps on the spring, he will gain extra height when he's bounced into the air. During the latter portions of this Act, Sonic will have to remain on the spring as the platforms will collapse after Sonic stands on them for a brief period. There are enemies that let out electricity, which Sonic has to avoid. At the end, Sonic must use the Stomp ability to reach the height of the Goal Ring.

[edit] Act 4

Starlight Carnival Act 4

As with the previous 2 Acts, this is played entirely 2D. Also, like Act 2, Sonic is inside one of the spaceships. The enemy introduced in this Act is a ball shaped object that shoots green energy balls in all directions. The only thing that can defeat these enemies are the Purple Wisp, which is not available in your fist run in the game, as the Wisp is introduced near the end of the game in Asteroid Coaster. Near the end of the Act, you can simply run straight towards the goal while avoiding the ball-like enemy. Although, when playing the Act after gaining the Purple Wisp, you can take the top path, allowing you grab the Red Rings.

[edit] Act 5

Starlight Carnival Act 5

This Act starts out similarly to Act 1, in which Sonic runs on a purple energy path, while avoiding two Aero Chasers as they emit their lasers towards him. Afterwards, Sonic will have to avoid spikes while free falling. He will then make his way through the exterior of a spaceship, while defeating Eggman's enemies along the way. This Act introduces the Green Wisp, granting Sonic the Hover and the Light Speed Dash ability. Sonic has to use the Wisp to head to the top of the spaceship, where he will be sent to another area of the spaceship where there are a large amount amount of enemies and spikes. The Pink Wisp, which is not available on the first playthrough, can plow through all of the obstacles without doing harm to Sonic.

Finally Sonic we reach an entirely new spaceship, in a wide open area with enemies. If Sonic defeats the enemies nearby, he'll be able to use the Hover Wisp to ascend to the top of the spaceship, where the Goal Ring is held. As normal Sonic, he can simply use the platforms and his Homing Attack ability to reach the goal at the top.

[edit] Act 6

Starlight Carnival Act 6

This Act is also entirely outdoors and is played only in 2D. This Act has a huge emphasis on the Green Wisp, as Sonic must use it to progress through the entire Act. He must utilize the Light Speed Dash ability, as moving through the trail of rings will momentarily stop the gauge from decreasing. There are numerous enemies, where you must maneuver your way through as well. You can find many bonuses such as Red Rings and extra lives, by going out your way, but you must keep an eye on your gauge, since you most likely will fall and die if you lose the Hover ability. The Goal Ring will be at the top of the spaceship.

[edit] Boss Battle

Frigate Orcan

The boss of the Starlight Carnival is the Frigate Orcan, which is a large warship. Sonic is running along a purple energy path, chasing the machine throughout the boss fight. The machine fires constantly at Sonic as he approaches the ship. To defeat it, Sonic has to repeatedly use the Homing Attack on the different machine parts. As he deals damage, the ship will drop rings, the Cyan Wisp, and spike balls. If you grab the Cyan Wisp, you can deal a ton of damage towards the ship. Occasionally, the boss battle will shift into 2D, where the machine will continue firing at Sonic, as well as tossing spike balls, which the blue hedgehog must avoid. After taking out all of the ship's parts with the Homing Attack, the boss will be defeated.

A harder version of this boss is fought in the Asteroid Coaster.

[edit] DS Version

[edit] Act 1

The entire Act takes place inside of one of the spaceships. Sonic must progress through the Act by using the grind rails that are activated by switches, and cannons, which launch you in a certain direction. This Act introduces the Orange Wisp, which turns Sonic into a rocket, allowing him to reach high areas. The Cyan Wisp can also be used to access secret areas.

[edit] Act 2

This Act takes place outside of the spaceship and is the first stage with bottomless pits. As with the first Act, there are grind rails and cannons that Sonic must use to progress. Also, new to this act are archers that launch arrows, which Sonic uses as a platform, to cross large gaps. At the end of the Act, Sonic must ride a balloon while avoiding enemies and other obstacles.

[edit] Boss Battle

Frigate Orcan

As with the Wii version, the boss of Starlight Carnival is the Frigate Orcan, which is a large warship, although, it plays out differently. It will drop three items from its cargo: yellow crates, spiked balles and the Orange Wisp. If a yellow crate falls, Sonic must jump or boost into it to send the crate back to the ship, dealing it damage. After dealing amount of damage, the ship will lower itself and attempt to shoot missiles, as well as going into the background and launching lasers. At this point Sonic can simply attack the ship head on or use the Orange Wisp.

[edit] Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Galactic Parade

Starlight Carnival appears in the racing game, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed as a stage titled Galactic Parade. Its visual style appears very similar to its original appearance in Sonic Colors. As with the original stage, racers drive on a purple energy path, as well as drive through some of the spaceships. While on the purple path, racers must be extremely careful not to fall off the stage, as there are no railings. At some point, the player in first place will have to avoid the Aero Chasers that launches lasers in their direction. When transforming in Laps 2 and 3, players use their plane to traverse through space, while avoiding the meteors, before landing on the purple energy path once more.

[edit] Trivia

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