Stripes Badnik

Stripes Badnik
Stripes Badnik (right), with Ruff Badnik
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #4

Stripes Badnik is a special badnik which exists in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

The badnik was first seen in the fourth issue, Day of the Badniks, and appeared to be especially designed to capture Stripes, or at the very least another badger. This badnik, along with the Ruff Badnik, were able to capture both Stripes and Ruff who were out walking in the Emerald Hill Zone. At the end of the issue, Dr. Robotnik is forced to destroy the Stripes Badnik after Sonic threatens to perform a Spin Attack whilst holding onto his moustache.

The design is that of a large badger with spiked wheels for legs. Unlike most other badniks, this badnik can operate without the need of an organic battery, however as the badnik also seems programmed to locate an organic battery, it can be assumed that it requires one to either function long term, or perhaps fully power up.

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