First AppearanceSonic the Comic #15

Terra-Droid is a badnik that appears in the Sonic the Comic continuity.

He is a very large badnik which worked in the Scrap Brain Zone who was put in charge of the development and implementation of the Green-Eater project. Terra-Droid was commanding the other badniks to complete the project promptly, which would "bleed the planet dry".

Once the project was completed Terra-Droid oversaw the running of the Green-Eater and attempted to stop Sonic when he arrived in the Scrap Brain Zone. After putting a stop to the Green-Eater, Sonic then went after Terra-Droid himself. Despite his huge size and power, he wasn't able to stop Sonic as Sonic simply removed his main power battery from his chest, causing Terra-Droid to cease functioning.

Terra-Droid after being made into a house
After his defeat, Sonic and the others brought the Terra-Droid back to the Emerald Hill Zone, where they converted his robot shell into a large house.
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