Tidal Tempest Zone

Tidal Tempest Zone
Tidal Tempest, in the present
Features inSonic the Hedgehog CD
Level TypeUnderwater
LocationLittle Planet
Preceded byCollision Chaos Zone
Proceeded byQuartz Quadrant Zone

The Tidal Tempest Zone is the third zone in Sonic the Hedgehog CD and is an aquatic level similar in style to the Labyrinth Zone. The zone appears to be ancient ruins now submerged in water throughout, so the main danger in the zone is drowning. There are designs carved into the blue marble floorings.

In the past, the zone appears to have a more rocky texture to the stone floorings and background walls, which appear more smooth and polished in the present. In the bad future, Dr. Robotnik has flooded the water with some kind of pollutant, giving it a now reddish tint. He has also replaced some of the old stone carvings with images of himself, and set about replacing some stone panels with metal machinery. In the good future however the zone takes on a much brighter look, similar to the present day Collision Chaos Zone and shiny metallic have been installed throughout. There is also more plant life and the zone itself though is still flooded, but with clean water.

Dr. Robotnik appears at the end of the 3rd act piloting the Bubble Shield Blaster.

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