Tikal the Echidna

Tikal the Echidna
First AppearanceSonic Adventure

Tikal the Echidna is a 14-year-old echidna who first appeared in Sonic Adventure as a member of the echidna race from long ago in the past.


[edit] History

Originally raised by her grandmother, her tribe originated at the Mystic Ruins and are direct ancestors to Knuckles The Echidna. Unlike the rest of her community, she is an outspoken pacifist, and strongly disagrees with her father's ideal of invading other territories. Despite her best efforts the shrine protecting the Master Emerald is raided on orders from her father. Upon this, Chaos was unleashed upon the world. To prevent a catastrophe, Tikal sealed herself within the Master Emerald, along with Chaos.

Many years later, during the events of Sonic Adventure, Dr. Robotnik shatters the Master Emerald, and her spirit is released. Following this, she assists the main characters in stopping Robotnik and sealing Chaos once more.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Appearances in Other Media

[edit] Animation

Tikal appears in a handful of episodes in the Sonic X anime, her role mirroring that of the games.

[edit] Comics

Tikal features in the following comic series:

In both comics, Tikal's storyline is similar in that it takes elements from her game storyline, namely sealing Chaos within herself and the emeralds. In the Archie storyline Tikal and Chaos are both accidentally released by Dr. Robotnik who was excavating and found the emerald the two were sealed within.

In the Sonic the Comic continuity Tikal is from 8000 years in the past and calls on Sonic and brings him to her timeline to aid the echidnas who are waging war with the Drakons who have taken over their emerald mines and creating the Chaos Emeralds.

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