Toxic Caves

Toxic Caves
Features inSonic the Hedgehog Spinball
Level TypeCave/Subterranean
LocationMount Mobius
Preceded byNone, first zone
Proceeded byLava Powerhouse

The Toxic Caves are the first zone in Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball and is located at the base of Mount Mobius which has now been converted by Dr. Robotnik into his Veg-o-Fortress. The caves lead into the surrounding ocean, which is how Sonic makes his way into the mountain after Tails' biplane is shot down. The caves themselves are a giant pinball machine maze filled with a toxic green chemical ooze. Not only is there the risk of drowning in the ooze, but a giant robot lizard also guards the waters as well.

[edit] Badniks

[edit] Boss Fight

After collecting the 3 Chaos Emeralds in this zone, Sonic can fight the boss guarding the Toxic Caves; Scorpius, a large scorpion like robot near the top of the Toxic Caves.

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