Tropical Resort

Tropical Resort
Tropical Resort.jpg
Appearance(s)Sonic Colors
Sonic Generations
Level TypeCarnival
Boss(es)Rotatatron(Wii Version)
Preceded byNone, as this is the first stage
Proceeded bySweet Mountain or Starlight Carnival (depending on player's choice)

Tropical Resort is the first stage of Sonic Colors. This stage serves as the entryway for the Amusement Park that Eggman is constructing. It's filled will hotels, fireworks, and neon displays. Players will become accustomed to the game's controls throughout the Acts in this stage. Sonic and Tails are introduced to the Wisps race. Also, introduced in this stage is the Cyan Wisp, which grants Sonic the Laser ability.


[edit] Wii Version

[edit] Act 1

Tropical Resort Act 1

Without an opening cutscene, this Act starts immediately. This is the first Act of the entire game and it introduces the basic controls for Sonic, such as the Homing Attack, Jumping, Grinding Rails, and the Boost. The Act will alternate between 2D and 3D and the main obstacles that must be dealt with, are Eggman's robots. Although there are many areas to explore using the Cyan and Yellow Wisp, those areas won't be accessible until the Wisps are unlocked later in the game.

[edit] Act 2

Tropical Resort Act 2

Act 2 continues from where Act 1 left off. The act is mostly played in 2D and focus heavily on platforming. The main obstacles Sonic must avoid are spikes and Eggman's robots. There are also fans throughout the act, which he can use to propel himself upwards. As with the previous Act, there are many areas that can be explored, once the Cyan and Yellow Wisp are unlocked. Once unlocked, you can access hidden areas and find Red Rings. At the end of the Act, the Cyan Wisp can be utilized to take out all of Eggman's robots.

[edit] Act 3

Tropical Resort Act 3

This Act starts off with Sonic running through hotels, while he's introduced to the Quick Step ability, allowing him to immediately step to either the left or right while running at full speed. He's also introduced to Crouching, as well as the Stomping ability. As with Act 1, this act alternates between 2D and 3D. The Cyan Wisp is first introduced in this Act and grants Sonic the laser ability, allowing him to zip through obstacles, including Eggman's enemies, as well as uncover hidden areas. The Yellow Wisp, however, remains unlocked.

[edit] Act 4

Tropical Resort Act 4

This Act is extremely short and entirely in 2D. Despite the Act's length, there are still plenty of room for exploration. The majority of the Red Rings requires you to go out of the way from the main stage to locate them. You can't explore anything when playing the Act for the first time, due to the Yellow and Purple Wisp not being available until later in the game. Throughout the Act, you must avoid an enemy that attempts to drop spikes on you. The Goal Ring appears after the section with the grnd rail.

[edit] Act 5

Tropical Resort Act 5

This is another Act that is short and entirely in 2D. This Act puts a heavy emphasis on the Cyan Wisp. There are a few areas that will require Sonic to use this Wisp to progress through the Act. The Cyan Wisp also can be used to break targets to earn multiple points. A section near the end of the stage requires Sonic to home attack balloons to cross over a pit of spikes. The Spike Wisp capsule appears in this Act, but you are unable to utilize the Wisp, until you unlock it in the Planet Wisp stage.

[edit] Act 6

Tropical Resort Act 6

As with the previous 2 Acts, this Act is played only in 2D and is very short. The Act has a heavy focus on platforming. You must carefully jump on the moving platforms, otherwise you'll fall straight into a bottomless pit. There are also switches, which you're required to stand on, in order to bring the platforms towards you. There's a section that can only be reached using the Spike Wisp, but on a first play through, the Wisp won't be available and you must unlock it later in the game.

[edit] Boss Battle


The boss of Tropical Resort is Rotatatron. It's a large robot that has a hold of a ferris wheel, where the battle itself takes place on. Sonic must used the rectangular platforms scattered throughout the arena, to reach the boss, who you must attack by using the Homing Attack. Using the Cyan Wisp, however, will deal double damage. Attack the robot three times to win.

There is a harder version of this boss, Refreshinator, who's fought in Planet Wisp.

[edit] DS Version

[edit] Act 1

This Act is an introductory stage that encourages you to use the abilities you've learned from the tutorial. No Wisps are available in this Act. Near the end, you must use a hang glider to collect rings while avoiding obstacles. The Red Wisp must be unlocked to explore other areas of this Act.

[edit] Act 2

This Act plays very straightforward similar to Act 1. Sonic is introduced to the Boost ability. Besides Eggman's robots, there are no major obstacles that gets in your way.

[edit] Boss Battle


The boss in this version of Tropical Resort is Globotron. It is a robot shaped as a globe, with long arms. It will used them to slam on the ground, causing a shock wave. Once the arm is on the ground, Sonic must Home Attack or Boost into it to deal damage. The robot will attack in a more agressive pattern as his health continues to drain. Once its health reaches a certain point, the robot will get dizzy and crash on the ground, exposing its weak point, which Sonic can attack and finish the robot off.

[edit] Sonic Generations

Tropical Resort also makes an appearance as the final stage in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. Act 1 is played as Classic Sonic, while Act 2 is played as Modern Sonic.

[edit] Act 1

Tropical Resort Classic

This Act is played with Classic Sonic and is based off of the DS version of Tropical Resort. The entire Act is in 2D and has heavy emphasis on the Red Wisp, which is exclusive to the DS version of Sonic Colors. Throughout the Act, the Red Wisp is required to cross over large bottomless pits. There are other obstacles which Sonic must avoid, such as Eggman's robots and spikes. Near the end, Sonic must use multiple rockets and ride it up to the platform at the very top. The Goal Post will appear at the end.

[edit] Act 2

Tropical Resort Modern

This Act is played with Modern Sonic and is based off of the Wii Version of Tropical Resort. The Act is mostly in 2D, with the occasional 3D and makes use of the Cyan Wisp, which is exclusive to the Wii Version of Sonic Colors. The Cyan Wisp is mainly utilized to reach alternate paths. Near the end Sonic must ride some grind rails, while avoiding falling meteors. The red glow indicates where the meteors will crash at, so Sonic must use that and switch rails accordingly. The Goal Ring appears after this section.

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