Tufftee Acorn

Tufftee Acorn
FamilySister: Sally Acorn
First AppearanceSonic the Comic #3

Tufftee Acorn is the younger brother of Sally Acorn and appears in the Sonic the Comic continuity. He lives in the Green Hill Zone.

His only appearance is in issue 3, Mayhem in the Marble Zone. After finding a pair of Sonic's old trainers, Tufftee puts them on and runs off, determined to be a hero just like Sonic. But, once Tufftee reaches the Marble Zone, he finds himself surrounded by Badniks who start to pick on him.

Eventually Sonic comes to Tufftee's rescue, after being told of his disappearance by Sally, destroying the badniks that were causing Tufftee trouble. Whilst Sonic is chasing after the badniks, one of the Marble Zone traps, the falling spike plate, is about to crush Sonic, until Tufftee pushes him out of the way in time. Tufftee is happy with himself as he was able to save Sonic and be a hero like he wanted, but Sonic tries to tell him to not get too carried away.

After finishing dealing with all the badniks, Sonic takes Tufftee back to the Green Hill Zone and reunites him with Sally. Sonic then takes back his shoes and reminds Tufftee not to try something like this again, as being a hero is his job.

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