Turquoise Hill Zone

Turquoise Hill Zone
Features inSonic the Hedgehog Chaos
Level TypeGrassland
LocationSouth Island
Preceded byNone, first zone
Proceeded byGigalopolis Zone

The Turquoise Hill Zone is the first zone in Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos and is much like previous Hill type zones, looking very similar to both the Green Hill Zone and Emerald Hill Zone. Likely the Turquoise Hill Zone is located in the same area as these on South Island. It contains the same lush grassland, palm trees, loop-de-loops and mobius-strips as found in the other hill zones, but has a slightly different colour palette. Instead of an orange and brown chequered pattern, the pattern is orange and green.

[edit] Badniks

[edit] Boss Fight

The boss in this level is Great Bane Motora Gold, a larger version of the standard Bane Motora badnik.

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