Twinkle Park

Twinkle Park
Twinkle Park.png
Appearance(s)Sonic Adventure
Level TypeCarnival
Preceded bySonic: Ice Cap
Amy: None
Big: None
Proceeded bySonic: Speed Highway
Amy: Hot Shelter
Big: Ice Cap

Twinkle Park is a stage that appears in Sonic Adventure. This stage is split into three major sections. The first section takes place on Twinkle Circuit, the second and main section of this stage takes place around the theme park's Castle, and the final section takes place inside of the Castle. Sonic, Amy, and Big are the only playable characters of this stage.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Sonic

After falling out of the sky during the Sky Chase stage with Tails, he ends up in Station Square again and encounters Amy, who eventually follows him. Amy proceeds into Twinkle Park immediately and Sonic heads in after her to make sure she's safe.

Sonic proceeds through the first two sections. He begins at Twinkle Circuit, where he must drive a car along a track while avoiding enemies. Afterwards, he reach a roller coaster, which will take him to the main theme park, at the castle. Sonic must go through the amusement park and avoid its traps and obstacles built around the entire castle.

[edit] Amy

Her storyline of how she ends up in this stage is the same as Sonic's portion above. She runs into him in Station Square originally asking him to watch over a bird, but Sonic refuses, but she decides to follow him anyway. She sees a sign that made her want to go inside Twinkle Park, so she immediately heads inside.

Amy is the only character who goes through this stage's third section. She starts off at the entrance of the Castle, where she must find three switches to open the door, allowing Amy to head inside of it. Inside the castle consists of many obstacles and traps, as well as many mirrors, which can trick the player. Afterwards, Amy will proceed through another brief section outside of the Castle before reaching the goal.

[edit] Big

Big ends up at Twinkle Park after chasing Froggy to the location. He plays at the main section of this stage, specifically by a small pool outside of the Castle. Big must fish Froggy out of that pool to complete the stage.

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