Uncle Chuck (Sonic Underground)

Uncle Chuck
Uncle Chuck, with Sonic
FamilySonic the Hedgehog (Nephew)
Manic the Hedgehog (Nephew)
Sonia the Hedgehog (Niece)
Voice Actor(s)Maurice LaMarche
First AppearanceBeginnings - Origins

This is Uncle Chuck as he appears in the Sonic Underground animated series, please see the relevant articles for his appearances in the SatAM cartoon and the Archie comics series.

In this series, Uncle Chuck takes care of Sonic after his adoptive parents are captured by Dr. Robotnik early in Sonic's childhood.

Chuck is a member of the resistance and a freedom fighter who co-ordinates attacks against Dr. Robotnik's factories and facilities. He also aids Sonic who takes part in these attacks when he is a teenager. But eventually Dr. Robotnik becomes aware of Sonic's existence and arrests and roboticises Uncle Chuck, along with Lady Windimere and Ferrell who had also been hiding Sonic's other brother and sister.

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