Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues
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SeriesSonic Underground
Episode No.4
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Wedding Bell Blues is the fourth episode in the Sonic Underground animated series.

[edit] Synopsis

The episode begins with Sonic, Sonia and Manic in Robotropolis when they overhear an announcement by Dr. Robotnik informing the public of his intentions to marry Queen Aleena and become king. Whilst the three hedgehogs don't believe their mother would willingly marry Robotnik and that this is likely to be a trap, they decide to try and find a way to get into the wedding anyway incase their mother is really there.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik is complaining to Sleet and Dingo that the fake wedding is costing him too much money, so they suggest that he extract more taxes and tribute from one of his richer citizens, such as Bartleby, to cover the costs of the wedding.

On Sonia's suggestion, the three hedgehogs pay a visit to Bartleby in order to get him to help them find a way into the wedding by getting him to offer to provide the music for the ceremony. Coincidentally Sleet and Dingo arrive moments later to demand money from him, which he agrees to pay half of, and then also provide the music. Now that the three hedgehogs have a way into the ceremony, they get into disguise and enter the royal court.

They split up whilst inside, Sonic goes to investigate the area, Manic explores some underground passageways and Sonia goes to mingle with the guests in an attempt to find their mother. Whilst exploring, Dr. Robotnik spots Sonic on one of the surveillance monitors and sends Sleet and Dingo to the bridal suite where they wait for the hedgehogs to arrive. The three of them all make it at just about the same time, but soon see Sleet and Dingo who attack and capture Sonia before making an escape.

Dr. Robotnik, now that he has Sonia captive, goes to the main ceremony room and tells the gathered guests that, as Queen Aleena hasn't shown, it should be taken as an example of her abandoning the throne and that Sonia should inherit the throne in her place. He also explains how he will formally adopt Sonia in Queen Aleena's absence. Sonic and Manic are hiding in the audience wondering what to do, when Manic tells Sonic he will cause some sort of diversion so that Sonic can safely rescue Sonia and leaves. Shortly after, Queen Aleena appears on one of the balconies, which Sonic assumes must be Manic in disguise. This causes the diversion he needs to rescue Sonia as all of Dr. Robotnik's robots, plus Sleet and Dingo, go after the queen, although when they catch up with her, they find just a doll in a disguise.

When Sonic and Sonia reunite outside with Manic, he admits he wasn't the one in disguise as he couldn't reach the balcony in time, so the three of them realise it must have been their mother which came to help them after all.

[edit] Characters

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